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Focus Recovery 5
Firestorm Kick
Skill icon kung fu master 1-5-5.png
Stuns for 2 sec.

Inflicts [10] damage

+6 Focus Recovery for 3 sec.
Cancels Defensive Skills
Range Area Cast Cooldown
Centered on Caster 2 x 4m Instant 15 sec.
Skill Requirements
When using Buff debuff icon 00 29.png Footwork or Skill icon kung fu master 0-7-2.png Shadow Dance
Upon Resist by Skill icon kung fu master 0-0-6.png Flurry


  Firestorm Kick is a hard-hitting CC for KFMs. It deals [10] damage and stuns a target for 2s through Defensive skills.

See   Triple Kick for the Flying Kick version.

How to obtainEdit

Required Level 36 Dragon Fist