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Enchanting Temptress

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Enchanting Temptress
Costume 60076 GonF col2.png Gon female, Jin female and Yun only
Processed Goods
[[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]] Name

Processing Rate
Costume 60076 GonF col2.png = [[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]]

Acquired from
Dspire.pngNightshade Harbor 24-players mode
Requires Level
by All
Unable to Trade
Summontime: {{{summontime}}} hr.
Bound to Account
Durability {{{durability}}} / {{{durability}}}
Sell Price   1 Copper.png
Purchase Price  
Purchase Price  {{{zen}}} Zenbean.png
Purchase Price   {{{nc}}} Store Charge.png
Purchase Price   {{{hmp}}} Hongmoon Point Icon.png
Purchase Price   {{{bravery}}} Grocery Coin NokRimBoss.png
Purchase Price   {{{bpoint}}} Map DragonFruit Nomal.png
Purchase Price   {{{henergy}}} Quest blue ball.png
Purchase Price   {{{senergy}}} Solar energy.png

Enchanting Temptress Exchange Ticket has a chance to drop off the the Cobalt/Scarlet Widow bosses in Dspire.pngNightshade Harbor24-players mode.

Exchange the ticket with the Bloodshade Harbor Trader Fei Musu in Hogshead Hamlet to receive the race-specific costume.

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