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Eager to Learn

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Subquest.png Eager to Learn
Type Side
Daily No
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Act Act , Chapter
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Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Jinbin
Starts in The Cinderlands
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Ends in The Cinderlands
Turn in to Jinbin
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Rewards 600 XP
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Jinbin the Orphan

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Jinbin the Orphan

"Ah! Please... Don't hurt me again. I promise I'll stay out of your way."
I won't hurt you.
"Re-really? You're not with the Yonkai Brigade? (Can I really trust this person?)"
What's the Yonkai Brigade?
"They're a group of mean Stratus soldiers led by the world's biggest jerk: Yonkai. They like to bully me because I have no family. My parents were killed when the angry spirits attacked old Sandstone Village. I've been an orphan ever since I can remember. Everyone treats me like dirt, but you look real strong. I bet you could take on ten of those Yonkai meanies. Maybe if you taught me martial arts then I'd be respected too. I'll even get strong enough to protect people from jerks like Yonkai. (I've always wanted to learn how to fight!) Will you teach me, warrior? I'll do everything you ask. Please be my master! (I'm totally going to do a flying kick into Yonkai's face.)"
I'm not a teacher.
"You're just be modest. You'll be a great teacher! And I'll make a great pupil, just you watch. Oh, this is gonna be the best, Master. (Best day of my life!) Are you on your way to Sandstone Refuge? You should visit Dokdan. He's a nice healer. He lets me help treat sick people. (They'll call me Jinbin the Warrior.)