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Dungeons allow players to group up for challenging instanced content. There are three different tiers of dungeons: Normal, Challenging and Heroic. All dungeons are available for parties of up to 6 members, and you can enter them through their respective portals in the game world or, most commonly used, through Dungeon Lobby (F8) which allows you to recruit manually on chat or LFP (automatching).

There are 2 modes which you can choose when looking for a dungeon: Easy Mode and Hard Mode. Hard Mode offers higher amounts of certain common rewards than Easy Mode as well as exclusive rewards such as outfits, psyches and other valuable items, however it requires way better gear and experience in the dungeon, since failing the mechanics will result in the boss enraging, defeating the party. In the other hand, failing the mechanics in Easy Mode enrages doesn't defeat the party. The bosses also have their stats significantly reduced.

Currently, the only dungeons available for Hard Mode are: Dreamsong Theater, Brood Chamber, Warped Citadel, Cathedra Cliffs, Hangar 0, Stonescale Passage, and Halcyon Hills.

In addition, there are other instanced zones, usually called "raids", which you can't enter through the Dungeon Lobby and are made for a 12 people alliance. You can identify them by their Legendary tier.

Viridian Coast[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
Lakeside Cache 14 Normal
Plague Hollow 14 Normal
Adder's Nest 17 Normal
Blackram Narrows 20 Heroic

The Cinderlands[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
The Darkglimpse 24 Normal
Sentinel Ruins 27 Normal
Naryu Temple 30 Normal
Pot Dog Shelter 31 Normal
The Ploghollows 31 Normal
Altar of Champions 32 Normal
Bogkon Hideout 33 Normal
Jukto's Repose 34 Normal
Forgotten Tomb 36 Challenging
Daggerbeak Rookery 36 Challenging
Tomb of the Exiles 36 Heroic

Moonwater Plains[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
Lycandi Den 38 Normal
Teetering Falls 38 Normal
Augerite Cavern 40 Normal
Pilfered Treasury 41 Normal
Skyhaven Stockade 43 Normal
The Pigsty 45 Challenging
Hall of Ogong 45 Challenging
Brightstone Ruins 45 Challenging
Skittering Tunnels 45 Challenging
Blackram Supply Chain 45 Heroic
Bloodshade Harbor 45 Heroic
Naryu Labyrinth 45 Heroic

Silverfrost Mountains[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
Tainted Lab 46 Challenging
Talus Dungeon 48 Challenging
Ogong's Folly 48 Challenging
The Shrieking Caverns 50 Challenging
Chuanka Frost Caverns 50 Challenging
Ebon Hall 50 Challenging
Lair of the Frozen Fang 52 Heroic
Awakened Necropolis 52 Heroic
Avalanche Den 52 Heroic
Heaven's Mandate 60HM8 Heroic
Cold Storage 60HM9 Heroic
Sundered Nexus 56 Heroic
Gloomdross Incursion 56 Heroic
Sogun's Lament 57 Heroic
The Shattered Masts 57 Heroic
Midnight Skypetal Plains 60HM8 Legendary
Ebondrake Citadel 59 Heroic
Desolate Tomb 59 Heroic
Naryu Foundry 60HM2 Heroic

Gunwon City[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
Fallen Aransu School 60HM3 Legendary
Snowjade Fortress 60HM8 Legendary
Naryu Sanctum 60HM3 Heroic
Irontech Forge 60HM6 Heroic
Ebondrake Lair 60HM8 Heroic
The Shadowmoor 60HM12 Heroic
Scion's Keep (SK) 60HM15 Legendary
Temple of Eluvium (VT) 60HM15 Legendary

Khanda Vihar[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
Dawn of Khanda Vihar 56 Legendary
Naryu Foundry 60HM2 Heroic
Skybreak Spire (BT) 60HM13 Legendary

Solak[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
Starstone Mines 60HM9 Heroic
Hollow's Heart 60HM10 Heroic
Ransacked Treasury 60HM12 Heroic
Sandstorm Temple 60HM12 Heroic
Hall of the Keeper 60HM10 Legendary
Hall of the Templar 60HM11 Legendary
Nightfall Sanctuary (TT) 60HM17 Legendary
Warped Citadel 60HM18 Heroic
Cathedra Cliffs 60HM21 Heroic

Dasari Palace[edit source]

Name Recommended Level Difficulty
Botany Center 60HM14 Legendary
Titan Chamber 60HM14 Legendary
Dreamsong Theater 60HM17 Heroic
Brood Chamber 60HM17 Heroic
Scarlet Conservatory (ET) 60HM21 Legendary