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Dressed to Kill

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Subquest.png Dressed to Kill
Dressed to kill.png
Type Side
Daily No
Class [[{{{class}}}]]
Act Act , Chapter
Level 9
Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Ryuna
Starts in Gloomdross Lookout
Also occurs in
Ends in Chung Unnam
Turn in to Gloomdross Forest
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 200 XP
1 Bamboo Guard Uniform
Premium Level {{{plvl}}}
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Shouldn't have taken this damned uniform off of that old man... Chung Unnam, you miserable piece of scum. If I ever get out of here alive, I'm coming to get you!
~ Bloodstained Note

First available after completing Campaignquest.png Act 1, Chapter 11: Gone Fishing.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Ryuna
  2. Deliver the Bloodstained Note to Chung Unnam

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Ryuna

"Warrior! Please..."
"I can barely move... I can barely talk. I'm so scared! I was only assigned to gather mushrooms with Buyong, so I'm not trained for this brutal stuff!"
What happened?
"I'm not one of the Guard. I'm just a volunteer. I hate blood and violence. I can't even handle raw meat!
Maybe you'll know what to do. This all started when I found a note in the dirt. I think someone's trying to kill Chung Unnam! Do you know Chung Unnam? I want to warn him, but I'm so scared!"
I'll find him.
"Thank you! Please, tell him before it's too late!"

2. Deliver the Bloodstained Note to Chung Unnam

"The Blackram are closing in."
"I don't recognize you, warrior. What a fine outfit you're wearing. I haven't seen stitches this exquisite since I worked in Silverfrost. It's good to meet you. My name is Chung Unnam."
Please read this letter.
"A letter? Who would write me? I'm but a humble tailor... Let's see.
Ah! I remember now. A Dusk Adder robbed me a few weeks ago and stole a Guard uniform I was fixing. As she ran away from me, I told her she shouldn't put it on unless she wanted more enemies. She told me to... well, she wasn't very polite."
What was wrong with the uniform?
"Nothing's wrong with this uniform! Any Bamboo Guard can tell you that their uniform is a blessing and a curse. It shows that you won't stand for corruption and injustice. As you can imagine, this uniform won't make you popular with the Blackram.
You seem to have a noble soul. You could be a true bastion against injustice. Would you like a uniform?"
Yes, please.
"It's noble of you to volunteer to stand with the Bamboo Guard. However, it's a huge responsibility. Are you certain that you want to present yourself as a public enemy of the Blackram?"
I am ready.
"So be it. Here you go: one uniform tailor-made just for you. I recommend you stay with your Guard friends while wearing it.
I wish you the best. Picking a side and doing the right thing is rarely easy. I hope you are proud to wear the uniform of the Bamboo Guard."
"Be brave against the Blackram."