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Dragon Pulses are travel "ports" used to get to difficult destinations in Blade & Soul at very high speeds.

To use a Dragon Pulse, simply walk over a Dragon Pulse location. These locations appear as yellow streams of light coming out of the ground. Once you enter a Dragon Pulse, a short uncontrollable cinematic will begin. Your character will perform an impressive amount of acrobatics during this cinematic such as hopping, dashing, and flipping their way to the given destination at incredible speeds.

You will gain access to Dragon Pulses in Blade & Soul once you reach level 15 and complete the "Faith" story line quests. Once this quest line is complete, you will be able to enter any Dragon Pulses you come across. These are generally strategically placed to grant you access to areas that you couldn't otherwise reach as opposed to just being another method of quick travel.

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Dragon Pulse