Down in Flames

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Campaignquest.png Down in Flames
Down in Flames.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 7, Chapter 10
Preceded by Crystal Conquest
Followed by The Grand Enchantress
Given by [[]]
Starts in [[]]
Also occurs in
Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 300,000 XP
1 Special Hongmoon XP Charm
1 Hongmoon Square Citrine
1Gold.png 87Silver.png
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Sanzu was deceiving everyone. Ku Yang was certain of that now. Any last lingering doubt evaporated when he heard an Ebondrake agent utter her name in a half-whispered conversation that he only caught hints of from this place in the shadows.

Looking back, he could trace the outlines of her strategy. She only revealed herself after five of the New Masters had been chosen, until disagreements and failures had sewed distrust in their ranks, until their need for a veteran leader was undeniably clear. She arrived like a resurgent phoenix, new life born from the ashes in the midst of so much death, while the rest of the Eight Masters, their family and mentors, were gone. No wonder they were so quick to trust her. They had been thrust into roles that none of them were ready for, while Sanzu played her part with the meticulous pose of a master performer.

Ku Yang darted to another rooftop, searching for a corner to hide in. It was no use. His pursuers outnumbered him and they knew the shadows better than he did. He dropped down and weaved his way back toward Gebang, to the familiar place where he grew up before training under Gunma, to the simple tenement that had been built by the Empire to house refugees. Perhaps the Ebondrake had fewer eyes and ears in such a lowly neighborhood.

The Ebondrake were targeting him--perhaps Sanzu had caught word of his arrival in Gunwon and wanted him captured. Few things escaped the notice of the Ebondrake, except, perhaps, the dangers that now moved amongst their ranks. Sanzu was after something. The Ebondrake, the New Masters, and the young Hongmoon student were all pawns in whatever game she was playing. They would all be tossed aside once they had served their purpose, but what was she after? What had led her to Gunwon?

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Help Ku Yang in Gebang
  2. Speak with Le Su
  3. Defeat the Ebondrake
  4. Rescue the Gebang Residents from the Burning Homes
  5. Speak with Le Su
  6. Defeat Jin Tun
  7. Find Rekku
  8. Speak with Rekku
  9. Save Ku Yang
  10. Defeat Kanguk
  11. Tranfer Chi to Ku Yang
  12. Speak with Ku Yang
  13. Speak with Chol Mugo on the Iron Shadow