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Title Dokdan the Wise
Faction The Three Sages
Level ???
Race ???
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location Mushin's Tower (prev. Sandstone Refuge)
First Quest
Unknown edit
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"At its feet place gold and silver,

with Mushin's blood will life be brought,

unto wings which then will soar,

high above where Mushin rests."

-Dokdan's Riddle

Dokdan the Wise is one of the Three Sages living as a famous healer in Sandstone Refuge. Of the Three Sages, Dokdan is the most informative, not to mention the most snarky.


At the height of the Naryu Empire, Dokdan and the other sages helped raise a young Mushin, who had been spurned by his siblings for being the bastard child of the Naryu Emperor. After Mushin sacrificed himself to seal the gate to the Dark Realm, the Three Sages helped design Mushin's Tomb where Mushin's Legacy was to be kept.

Over the millennia, Dokdan continued to guard the secret to Mushin's Legacy.

Current Timeline

The hero learns from Podan the Vagabond of a healer named Dokdan living in Sandstone Refuge who may be able to cure the hero's Mark of the Black Rose. The hero visits Dokdan inside the Elder's House where Dokdan immediately diagnoses the hero's condition, chiding the hero for wandering the desert instead of resting. He tasks the hero with gathering Arrowroot for medicine to help alleviate the symptoms but notices no big difference even with consuming the Arrowroot. He notices the hero's negative emotions associated with anger and hate, causing the Dark Chi within them to become stronger. He recommends the hero to see Hong Sokyun to learn how to suppress the darkness, but is surprised to learn that he is dead. He is even more surprised to learn that the hero is one of Hong Sokyun's last remaining disciples. Before the hero even reveals the name of the student that betrayed Master Hong, Dokdan already knew it must have been Lusung. He explains that Lusung already had darkness in his heart prior to the murder of his family. He suggests the hero go learn more at Lusung's home.

After the hero begins attracting attention from Colonel Yonkai, the villagers take out their anger on Miryung by dragging her into the Elder's House to beat her up. Dokdan arrives and makes the villagers leave, explaining to the hero the kind of power Colonel Yonkai has over the people in the region. The hero, furious at the injustice, threatens to kill the villagers for hurting an innocent girl. Dokdan tells the hero to go outside and calm down, as their anger is affecting the Black Rose. After the hero goes on a blind rampage through Sandstone Refuge under the influence of the Black Rose before going unconscious, Dokdan revives them back in his office. He scolds the hero for ignoring his advice and letting their anger get the best of them, warning that the next time they may truly succumb to the Dark Chi entirely. He explains that some villagers were injured but also that Colonel Yonkai is searching for them. He urges the hero to recall Master Hong's teachings on avoiding violence and apologize to Colonel Yonkai.

When the hero arrives at the Naryu Temple in search of Mushin's Legacy, Dokdan appears before them, revealing his true identity as one of the Three Sages charged with guarding the Legacy. He questions the hero's motives for seeking the legacy, whether it is for revenge or to save Sandstone Refuge. When the hero demands to know the location of the Legacy, he only offers a cryptic riddle before disappearing.

After the hero is revived by Jiwan's spirit in front of Mushin's Tomb, Dokdan appears with the other Sages. He explains that the Three Sages are able to open the tomb, but require the hero's assistance in defeating the Gatekeeper to the Legacy. With the tomb itself, the Sages appear before the hero in their full glory right as the hero is about to deal a finishing blow upon Lusung. Dokdan explains that Yunwa is quickly dying due to the Dark Chi within her and that Mushin's Legacy can save her. Approving of the hero's decision to give up the Legacy in order to save Yunwa, they infuse the Legacy within Yunwa before the tomb comes crumbling down. Dokdan explains that his time in the Earthen Realm is over and bids farewell to the escaping hero and Yunwa.

The hero receives a letter from Dokdan who summons them to Mushin's Tower. He explains that the Three Sages once supported Mushin rising to the top of the tower to receive power from the Divine Realm, despite noticing the darkness in his heart. He chides himself for letting his pride get in the way of his judgement then, but explains to the hero how to ascend to the top by defeating the champions upon each floor.


Campaignquest.png Doctor's Orders

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