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Title none
Faction None
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Race Lyn
Gender Female
Class [[]]
Profession [[]]
Location HogsHead Pastures
First Quest
She Loves Him, She Loves Him Not. HogsHead Farmland.
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It's good to have friends, don't you think?
~ Doduri

Doduri is a Female lyn, Witch you will meet a few time though your journey.

You first meet her at Hogshead Farmland. Within Hogshead Pastures.

Then you will meet her in Primeval Forest, At Evergreen Village, Northern Expedition, and Wild springs. As a string of quest To help her friends out.

Once in Shiverstone Range She will appear at the Explorer's Base Camp. For an adventure with her friends.

She then will be apart of the Campaign Quest: Act 4: The Cost of Revenge. Part 28: Her Brothers Keeper.

Quests[edit | edit source]

She Loves Him, She Loves Him Not: Hogshead Farmland.

Heart Breaker, Evergreen village.

The Red Claw of Courage, Northern Expedition

Where Is My Mind, Wild Springs

Her Bothers keeper. Chuanka Frost Caverns (Epic Quest)

Let Him Go, Explorer's Base Camp. (Daily)

About A Boy. Explorer's Base Camp.

Bio[edit | edit source]