Doctor's Orders

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Campaignquest.png Doctor's Orders
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 11
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Preceded by The Burning Fields
Followed by A History of Violence
Given by Dokdan
Starts in Sandstone Refuge
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Rewards 780 XP
1 Cinderlands Transformation Stone
2 Healing Tonic
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Dokdan barely hid his revulsion upon seeing his new patient. However, as a doctor, he couldn't resist examining further. This wound was rare, powerful, and expertly inflicted. The warrior's chi twisted and festered inside their body, spreading poison with every breath. It was a miracle that the warrior was still alive, let alone standing in Dokdan's office. Still, Dokdan knew that not even he could heal this warrior completely.

The Mark was lethal. The warrior wouldn't last long.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the Sandstone Refuge in the Scorching Sands and speak with Dokdan
  2. Gather Arrowroot from the Soulstone Scar (0/2)
  3. Speak with Jinbin
  4. Speak with Dokdan

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the Sandstone Refuge in the Scorching Sands and speak with Dokdan

"Infrequent fainting spells, often accompanied by the sprouting of a malicious flower. Do these symptoms sound familiar? (I loathe clinic hours.) Your condition is known as the Mark of the Black Rose. And instead of resting, I see you've been wandering around the desert. Medically speaking, you're dumber than a Bulbari."
Can you help?
"Of course! I'm Dokdan, the best healer in the Four Continents. First off, you'll need to wander around the desert and find some Arrowroot. Yes, I know what I said, but it's fine to wander around the desert when a healer tells you to. Once you've gathered enough, bring the Arrowroot to Jinbin here."

2. Gather Arrowroot from the Soulstone Scar (0/2)

3. Speak with Jinbin

"Wow, you already got enough Arrowroot? That's my master: quick as lightning, strong as an Iron Ox. (I hope one day I can be as strong as Master.)"
I'm not your master.
"Haha. Good one, Master. Here, I'll take the Arrowroot and... ta-da! An Arrowroot riceball, compliments of your best disciple. Eat up!"
You're not my... Forget it.'
"I can't wait for you to get healed so we can start my training."

4. Speak with Dokdan

"All that Arrowroot and you still look terrible. A gutter boy like Jinbin is healthier than you. Perhaps your sickness goes beyond the physical. (To even be walking in such a state is impressive.) Yes. I sense your spirit is heavy with hatred. You don't have to be a world-renowned healer to know that Dark Chi feeds off negative emotions. The angrier you get, the weaker you'll become. I can't help someone as feeble-minded as yourself. If you can find him, I'd recommend seeing Hong Sukyun. I'm sure a man of his infinite patience can teach you to suppress the Dark Chi."
Master Hong is... dead.
"Impossible! Sokyun is one of the Four Guardians. His strength is unparalleled. Wait, you referred to him as Master? That means you're a Hongmoon disciple, so... he is really dead? This is... tell me what happened."
A fellow disciple betrayed us to Jinsoyun.
"That must have been Lusung, correct? I sensed darkness in that boy, even before his family was murdered. But to think that he would kill his own master..."
Lusung's family was killed?
"Yes, by a Stratus officer named Yonkai. It happened right in this village. Lusung was born here. If you want more answers, go to Lusung's old house just up the hill."