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Djapapa's Daily Delivery

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Subquest.png Djapapa's Daily Delivery
Type Side
Daily Yes
Class [[]]
Act Act {{{act}}}, Chapter {{{chapter}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Choyangun
Starts in Herbside Inn
Also occurs in
Ends in Explorer's Base Camp
Turn in to Dajapa
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 6600 XP
2 Key
3 Silverfrost Valor Stone
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Daily quest at Shiverstone Range and Herbside Inn.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Choyangun.
  2. Defeat the Snow Dragon Captain.
  3. Talk to Dajapa

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


-Talk to Choyangun.

  : The word around the range is that you're pretty fearless. I've heard that you know how to keep your mouth shut, too. I like that.
  : Are you familiar with Permafrost Perennials? They're flowers, ice flowers in fact. They're rare, beautiful, and they emit frosty vapors. Here at Shiverstone Range, they're a symbol of everlasting love. Isn't that sweet?
  : As an herbalist, I can also tell you that ice flowers are a real pain to grow. I spent months tending my last batch. Then, some Chuanka named Gabiyung stomped in and plucked them out of the ground.
  : I have a delivery to make. Every day, that tough-guy bounty hunter Dajapa orders a flower from me. I hate to dissapoint a repeat customer, but my flowers are gone!
  : That's what I wanted to ask you! I need you to go out into the range, get the ice flower from the abominable Gabiyung, and then finish the delivery. Dajapa should be waiting at the Explorer's Base Camp
  : Oh, and don't ask Dajapa who the flower's for. He must have a sweetheart, and he wants to keep it secret. Ah, who knew he was a softie?


-Defeat the Chuanka in Shiverstone Range

-Defeat Gabiyung and take his flower.


-Talk to Dajapa at the Explorer's Base Camp

  : Yes? What are you doing here? Is that... What, you make deliveries now?
  : Give me that! Can't a bounty hunter get a delivery without answering questions? so what if it's a flower? I don't need to answer to you!
  : Fine, Fine! It's for my mother. What, am I supposed to be ashamed? She's a great lady! Leave me alone!