Diverging Paths

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Campaignquest.png Diverging Paths
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 10, Chapter 10
Preceded by Restless Spirits
Followed by Waiting for Dawn
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Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 992275 XP
1 Divine Fist
1 Divine Fist Cape
73Silver.png 60Copper.png
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Jinsoyun What is this place, Master? I felt the same way when we first went to Valindria. Like I've been here before somehow.

  1. Go to the Basement
  2. Speak with General Neongsin's Spirit
  3. Defeat the Undead Wraiths 0/10
  4. Go to the Empyrean Altar
  5. Defeat Prince Sobu
  6. Join Jinsoyun and defeat Ryu
  7. Speak with Jinsoyun
  8. Retrieve the Sacred Relic from the Empyrean Altar
  9. Speak with Sunyung
  10. Speak with Dokdan
  11. Read Nayul's Letter
  12. Speak with Nayul