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Deep in the Gloomdross

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Campaignquest.png Deep in the Gloomdross
Deep in the Gloomdross.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 1, Chapter 12
Level 10
Preceded by Gone Fishing
Followed by A Bridge Too Far Gone
Given by Dochun
Starts in Whalesong Cove
Also occurs in The Dreamdrift
Ends in Tanjay Kilns
Turn in to Paso
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 2520 XP
1 Hongmoon Necklace
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The image was seared into Dochun's mind, even after three long decades. He was in his third year at the Hongmoon School, and was traveling with Master Hong as part of an apprenticeship the master reserved for his most promising students. In a desolate forest, a day's walk from the nearest village, they found a bizarre, desiccated corpse. The body had been completely drained of chi; or rather, it was swirling with a twisted, evil mockery of chi: Dark Chi. And that meant someone had been practicing the Dark Arts.

Master Hong would not let Dochun near the corpse; alone, Hong burned the body after uttering a brief prayer. Their journey continued in silence. Dochun had never seen his master look so downcast. Soon after the incident, Master Hong left for Moonwater Plains. Dochun remembered the clouds that day. They looked strangely foreboding.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Dochun in Tanjay Kilns
  2. Speak with Wi Wonhong
  3. Inspect the Corrupted Corpse in the Dreamdrift
  4. Search for the Emblem owner at the Tanjay Kilns
  5. Speak with Wi Wonhong
  6. Speak with Ha Jungwang
  7. Gather Flamegrass outside the Tanjay Kilns
  8. Speak with Paso at the Tanjay Kilns

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Speak with Dochun in Tanjay Kilns

"We must do all we can to safeguard our plans."
"There can be no doubt: a spy is among us."
"I fear Yuhun is correct, sir."
"Ahh,there you are. I was about to send a message. The Bamboo Guard has discovered traces of Jinsoyun.
"Wi Wonhong will brief you on the latest. I must hurry back to Bamboo Village to address this spy issue.
More and more, I believe our goals are closely aligned, Jyan. Continue assisting the Bamboo Guard against the Blackram. Jinsoyun will be handled in turn."
"Let's move out!"
Yuhun and Sunjun:
"Yes, captain!"

2. Speak with Wi Wonhong.

"Well met, warrior. I am Wi Wonhong."
"The Captain says this Jinsoyun person may be responsible for dark crimes here in the Gloomdross."
What's happening?
"We've discovered several corpses infused with a dark energy. The bodies have been mangled, but we assume they are members of the Char Coalition."
How can you tell?
"The bodies were found in the Dreamdrift, an area of the forest frequented by the Char Coalition. Unfortunately, the monsters in the area have become quite restless recently, so we could not stay longer for confirmation."
I can go investigate.
"Really? Okay, then. The Captain did say you were enthusiastic. Oh, by the way, if you find any clues, show them to the Char Coalition representatives first."
"They'll be able to identify the victims and they may know something about your Jinsoyun person. Make contact with Paso.
"Good luck, warrior."

3. Inspect the Corrupted Corpse in the Dreamdrift.

4. Search for the Emblem owner at the Tanjay Kilns.

"We sell charcoal and charcoal accessories."
"Greetings, stranger. If you're lookin' to place an order for charcoal, just mosey on up and talk to the head foreman. He'll get ya situated."
I think this badge belongs to a Char Coalition member.
"This badge. Where... where did you get this?"
It was on a Fiend in the Dreamdrift.
"This badge belonged to my brother, Baso. He and some other Coalition boys left to harvest the Dreamdrift a couple weeks back and never came home.
I knew somethin' awful musta happened. Baso's never gone more'n three days without checkin' in. But you're tellin' me the whole crew got turned into those things? That's too horrible for words.
But you... You brought peace to my brother and the others. I am in your debt, friend. Anythin' you need, I'm your man. Just say the word."
I'm looking for someone named Jinsoyun.
"Jin-soh-yun? Never heard o' the lass. Wait. Hold on. She dress all in black? Real mean lookin' tall drink of water? Strange circus folk-type entourage?"
That's her.
"Some of the boys have spotted her snoopin' around the forest for the past several weeks. You don't think she's the reason these monsters in the Dreamdrift started actin' up..?"
Probably. Any idea where they might be?
"North. Whenever they'd finish up with their creepy weirdness they'd pack up and fly north. Every single time."
"Free advice? Stay away from the lady in black, friend."

5. Speak with Wi Wonhong.

Wi Wonhong:
"For the last time, no."
Ha Jungwang:
"Five ounces of powder! That's all I need! Come on!"
Wi Wonhong:
"Oh. There you are. What have you learned about Jinsoyun from the Char Coalition?
Jinsoyun's base of operations is somewhere to the north.
"North, eh? Hmm... If I was a betting man, I'd say that means Jinsoyun is in the Cinderlands desert."
When do we leave?
"We" are not leaving. The Cinderlands desert is too large to search alone. I have several spies in that region. They'll keep an eye out for this lady in black, Jinsoyun.
In the meantime, you should stay right here in the Gloomdross. Jinsoyun made frequent trips here, yes? It's possible she may return.
Do not lose hope. It may take days or even weeks to find a new lead on Jinsoyun. Be patient."
I shall try.
"Excellent. I will look into those Cinderlands contacts. Good luck."
"I'll check back in a few days."

6. Speak with Ha Jungwang.

"Waitwaitwait. Hero, I got a way better idea."
"Cheer up. Today is your lucky day. I think we can help one another with our respective problems.
You are buddies with the local charcoal kingpins, and I happen to know a source a lot closer than the Cinderlands who can help you find Jinsoyun.
You remember those bombs I made at the Blackram South Anchor? The giant explosion in the jungle? Pretty impressive, right?
Wrong! They were weak! Terrible. Awful. No good. Pathetic. That explosion should have singed off our eyebrows. It didn't Why? The bombs didn't contain Flamegrass powder.
Trouble is there's only one group in the world that knows the secret of refining Flamegrass: The Char Coalition. And, well, they don't like me very much. (They think I'm too "irresponsible" and "crazy" to be trusted with Flamegrass Powder...)
But I hear they love you. You get me some Flamegrass Powder and I'll put you in contact with my buddy Pundihay in Jadestone Village. If Jinsoyun passed through here, Pundihay would know.
You can find Flamegrass all over the Gloomdross. Just pick some and ask the Char Coalition folks to refine it for you. Simple, simple, simple.
Even if they refuse, I'll still put you in touch with Pundihay because I'm a nice guy. You have nothing to lose. C'mon... It's been too long since I've blown something up. I need this."
"No more bombs?" I'll show 'em.

7. Gather Flamegrass outside the Tanjay Kilns.

8. Speak with Paso at the Tanjay Kilns

"Ah, the hero of the Char Coalition!"
"I'm surprised you're still in the 'Dross. I thought you had a mean lady to go settle up with."
I need a favor.
"Whatever you need. You're practically one o' us now. Just name it."
I need you to process this Flamegrass.
"Oh. Flamegrass Powder. You sure, friend? That stuff is super dangerous."
It's for Ha Jungwang.
"Ha Jungwang is a walkin' fire hazard. We blackballed him years ago after he almost burnt down the village. Is the Flamegrass powder necessary for yer mission?"
It's vital.
"Okeedokee. I trust ya. Just make sure that firebug is nowhere near our forest when he goes and blows himself up, ya hear?
One very small sack o' Flamegrass powder comin' up. We'll deliver it to Ha Jungwang ourselves and give him a safety lecture he'll probably just ignore. Good luck, friend."