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Dark Dilemma

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Campaignquest.png Dark Dilemma
Dark Dilemma.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 9, Chapter 16
Preceded by Uncivil War
Followed by The Edge of Twilight
Given by [[]]
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Also occurs in
Ends in [[]]
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Rewards 281250 XP
87Silver.png 99Copper.png
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Mushin Chun Jinkwon Surely you cannot be surprised to see me. Our fates are intertwined. I bring order. You sow the seeds of chaos. We now have the change to finally unite as one. The Divine Mandate ceremony will usher in a new age for us both.

  1. Speak with Usong
  2. Find the Observatory
  3. Defeat the Sentries and Wall Dash to the Observatory
  4. 0/2 Defeat the Observatory Guard Sentries
  5. Use the Emergency Dragon Pulse to travel to the front of the Sovereign's Estate
  6. Speak with Jengyo
  7. Infiltrate the Sovereign's Estate
  8. 0/15 Defeat the Ebondrake
  9. Defeat the Ambush Leader and find the Waterway Grate Key
  10. Open the Waterway Grate and enter the Secret Passage
  11. Go to the Hidden Chamber
  12. Speak with Mushin
  13. Approach Jinbin and check on him
  14. Speak with Mushin
  15. Talk to the Ebondrake Messenger in the Inner Keep
  16. Speak with General Hondu