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Title Forgekeepers
Level 25
Race [[]]
Gender Male
Class [[]]
Profession Forgekeepers
Location Sandstone Refuge
Services Weapon Merchant
First Quest
Unknown edit
Map Icon
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Be careful. Our weapons are so sharp you can get cut just be looking at - OW!
~ Dagumo

Dagumo is the Weapon Merchant in Sandstone Refuge. He only sells Repair Tools and level 26 white weapons.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Price
Repairtool.png Repair Tool 6Silver.png 10Copper.png
Stone Sword M Icon.png Raw Iron Sword 4Silver.png 20Copper.png
Stone Gauntlet M Icon.png Raw Iron Gauntlet 4Silver.png 20Copper.png
Stone Staff M Icon.png Raw Iron Staff 4Silver.png 20Copper.png
Stone Bangle M Icon.png Raw Iron Bangle 4Silver.png 20Copper.png
Stone Axe M Icon.png Raw Iron Axe 4Silver.png 20Copper.png
Stone Dagger M Icon.png Raw Iron Dagger 4Silver.png 20Copper.png