Daggerbeak Rookery

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Daggerbeak Rookery
Region Razorwing Ravine
Nearest Windstride Observation Post
Level Requirement N/A
Party Requirements 6
Cross Server Matching Yes
Boss Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch
Daily Quest [[{{{daily}}}]]
Rap Map.jpg

The Daggerbeak Rookery is a challenging dungeon in the Razorwing Ravine found within The Cinderlands.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Daggerbeak Rookery is the nest of the Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch and Onyxwing Raptor Matriarch alongside dozens of smaller young raptors. Due to the threat of the raptors and their leader the Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch the jaofang tribe sent hunters to defeat the beast. None has ever returned. So it is up to you to accept the daily quest Evermore given by jaofang´s farseer Hyunlang and slay the Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch to end the threat once and for all and avenge their fallen hunters.

[edit | edit source]

Shortly after you enter and fight your way through the entrance you will encounter the Onyxwing Raptor Matriarch flying at a crossroad inside the cave. Upon spotting you, she will land and begin to fight you alongside the smaller raptors and some spiders. After defeating her, you should take the path to the right. The straight path which leads to the boss will hold nothing but an empty room upon the first examination. If you follow the right path, you will come to a room guarded by a bonemask tribeleader named Magola.

After defeating the bonemask leader you will receive the dynamic quest which requires you to defeat the Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch. He has now spawned in the room at the end of the straight path, and he is surrouned by corpses of the dead hunters still holding onto their rifles even in death. During the fight, at about every 25% drop in his hp the Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch will fly up in the air and becomes untargetable for all your normal attacks and skills while shooting its feathers at you. During this phase you grab the rifles from the corpses and shoot the beast till it drops down. After it has dropped to the floor, its normal attack pattern will take place again and you can continue to use your attacks and skills. This repeats until the boss is defeated.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Boss Level HP Monsters
Onyxwing Raptor Patriarch 37 218,900
Onyxwing Raptor Matriarch 36 140,800
  • Red Raptor Hatchling
Magola 36 149,600
Mobs Level HP
Silverwing Raptor 36 14,960
Onyxwing Raptor 36 14,960
Red Raptor Hatchling 36 7502
Nest Spiderling 36 7821
Volatile Pague Mite 36 7502
Nestling Scorpion 36 15,600

Quests[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]

Onyxwing Raptor Matriarch Treasure
Sealed Raptor Combat Soul Shield
Sealed Buried Offering Necklage
Healing Tonic
Magola Treasure
Sealed Raptor Combat Soul Shield
Sealed Buried Offering Earring
Healing Tonic
Onyxwing Raptor patriarch Treasure
Sealed Raptor Combat Soul Shield
Locked Cinderlands Weapon Chest
Healing Tonic
Cinderlands Thorn x2

Dark Sandstorm is a outfit dropped only from the dynamic quest reward chest.


Bns-dark-sandstorm-costume-jin-male.jpg Bns-dark-sandstorm-costume-jin-female.jpg