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Compound System

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This is a guide on how to use the Compound System added on the Midnight Reborn Patch on August 18 2020.

What is it?[edit | edit source]

The compound system is a way to use old accessories* that you DO NOT NEED anymore and combine them with runes from Midnight SkyPetal Plains (MSP) to get bonus stats.

*Legendary accessories only

The compound system can be accessed by the compound icon on the bottom right of your screen. Compound Icon.png

Compound Interface Blank.png

How does it work?[edit | edit source]

You click on the giant squares with plus icons (+) and PERMANENTLY put in an accessory. The level of the accessory directly determines the stats that you will receive later on. The accessories can be replaced with higher accessories to boost gained stats.

After putting in 2 accessories in adjacent boxes, you can click on the small circle in-between then to add a rune (etching stone).

These etching stones can be obtained by acquiring Lunar Twilight Flower from completing quests and killing enemies in MSP. I'm sure there will eventually be other ways to obtain them... such as event boxes.

You can exchange Lunar Twilight Flower for Etching Stones inside MSP at a vendor.

Etching Stone.png

The quality (Green, Blue, Purple, Orange) will affect the maximum of stats possible. The stats applied are random and can be overridden by using a stone on the same location.

Hongmoon Etching Stone.pngBurnished Hongmoon Etching Stone.pngSearing Hongmoon Etching Stone.pngExalted Hongmoon Etching Stone.png

Burnished mat cost.png ------------------------------------------------------------Searing Mat Cost.png

Hongmoon Burnished Searing Exalted
Sacred Crystal 25
Elysian Crystal 5
Soulstone Cystal 25
Moonstone Crystal 5
Sacred Orb 80
Elysian Orb 20
Soulstone 80
Moonstone 20
Gold 40g

Torrent: Mystic X, Boss Atk Power X

This is what the interface looks like when it is full.*

*This image is using the lowest possible gear and lowest possible etching stone.

Compound Interface Full.png

FAQ:[edit | edit source]

Q: Can you replace an item with an item of the same power potential?

A: No. If you place in a 190, you can only replace it with something higher

Q: Can you have 2 of the exact same accessories in the big squares?

A: No. The (6) accessories in the squares must all be of different names. Items of different specs can be used.