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Choi Jina

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Choi Jina
Choi Jina.jpg
Title Stratus Special Operative
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Race Jin
Gender Female
Class Blade Master
Profession [[]]
Location Moves with storyline
First Quest
Where There is Smoke
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Choi Jina is a special operative sent by the Stratus Royal Court to bring Tyrian High Cleric Gwihan to justice. She is in charge of a small group of agents working to infiltrate the Tyrian Cult and gather evidence of their illegal activities. She works closely with her subordinate, Operative Sojun.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

The hero first meets Choi Jina in the Tyrian Cult's Sacrificial Chamber, where she searches for Gwihan's records which has all the accounts and interactions of the cult, including the people they kidnap. She agrees to assist the hero in freeing the hostages in exchange for help finding the records. Despite not fully trusting each other, the hero and Choi Jina manage to free the sacrificial pigs to serve as a distraction while they subdue the cult members.

When Choi Jina reads the records, she is surprised to learn that Colonel Yonkai has been providing the Tyrian Cult with slave labor. Choi Jina takes her subordinate Sojun on an undercover mission to investigate the Tyrian smuggling operations. However, their identities were compromised leaving Sojun severely poisoned by Wraithbloom smoke and Choi Jina left to fend for herself in the Wraithbloom Meadows.

Choi Jina is surprised when the hero manages to find her in the Tyrian Storehouse. She is relieved to hear that Sojun managed to escape to safety. Dismissing some of her worries that the hero inhaled Wraithbloom smoke, she asks for the hero's help in gathering information on the deal that the Yonkai Brigade is brokering with the Tyrian Cult. Knowing that Yonkai would never agree to a trade off without something in writing, she delves further into the Storehouse to find the written contract in order to persecute the Tyrian Cult. She is surprised to see Yonkai Brigade Colonel Sunna was the betrayer and quickly dispatches him and the Tyrian brokers.

The hero hands the ledger over to her to which she expresses her gratitude and her ability to trust the hero now. She explains her purpose to bring Gwihan to justice, as he fled the Stratus Royal Court with Mushin's Compass when his corruption was discovered. She also explains that Colonel Yonkai is tearing apart the Scorching Sands in order to find the Naryu Sarasva.

She asks the hero to burn the Wraithbloom fields and finish uprooting the Tyrian Cult. Sojun arrives to tell Choi Jina that General Han Sirang has finally arrived with Stratus reinforcements. Choi Jina fights off the Tyrian Cultists as the hero goes off to the Twilight Pagoda to subdue Gwihan.

Choi Jina stays with the hero until they awaken after their ordeal in the Twilight Pagoda. She tells the hero to go see Han Sirang before she leaves, hoping to see the hero again someday.