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Title Bamboo Guard
Faction Bamboo Guard
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Race Jin
Gender Male
Class Blade Master
Profession [[]]
Location Bamboo Village
First Quest
Dodan the Hero
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Poor Master Dodan. Your bravery will be your undoing.
Who are you?
~ Chengun

Chengun is a member of the Bamboo Guard, often seen in company of "master" Dodan. He is very melodramatic and often stretches things out of proportion. Due to his undying support for Dodan, he usually ends up dragged along on Dodan's ridiculous plans. He also feels bad for Dodan often due to the fact he never receives attention from his father.

History[edit | edit source]

Chengun's family was killed during a Blackram raid. Dochun takes the boy in as part of the Bamboo Guard and asks his son, Dodan, to show him around. Dodan immediately proclaims Chengun as his assistant and he happily agrees, running off together. Since then, Chengun has always been Dodan's most loyal aid. Dochun let it slide as he was glad that his wayward son finally had a friend.

Chengun was likely the only one who knew how much Dodan wanted to impress his father, as he accompanied him on all of Dodan's hairbrained missions to take on the Blackram Marauders.

First Arc[edit | edit source]

When Dodan finds a map with information about a secret Blackram Camp on the coast, he and Chengun run off to infiltrate the camp on their own, shortly before the Blackram attack the village. Dodan ends up captured in a cage, guarded by Blackram Rookies. Frightened, Chengun hides behind boxes until he is relieved to see the hero arrive. He is taken aback by the rumor that Dodan might be the Blackram spy and dismisses the thought. He assists Dodan and hero fight Gwon after they blow up the Blackram flagship.

The hero meets Chengun when they Windstride back to the village in order to prepare for the Blackram's retaliation. There, he explains Windstriding to the hero and how harrowing it is for him to do it. He then sends the hero to meet with Dochun.

When Dodan hears of Dusk Adder activity on Songshu Isle, Chengun accompanies him to the Adder's Nest to fight their leader, Dura. But Dodan once again get captured while Chengun keeps an eye on him hidden behind some boxes. The hero arrives and Chengun explains that Dodan wanted to redeem himself after his shameful behavior in Moonshade Cemetery where he let fear get the best of him. The hero frees Dodan, who wants to push on ahead. Chengun wonder if they ought to go back for reinforcements first, but follows Dodan in anyway. After he successfully assists Dodan and the hero in defeating Dura, they return to Bamboo Village.

After Namsoyoo is kidnapped from Bamboo Village while Dochun was in Songshu Isle, Chengun joins the rescue team in the Blackram Narrows to ease Dodan's worries for his sister. However the rescue attempt does not go well as planned though they locate Namsoyoo's location. He begs the hero to go in after Namsoyoo.

He is overjoyed to see Namsoyoo running out of the ship to return home, but notices that she dropped a letter on her way. He thanks the hero for their bravery and asks the hero to return the letter to Namsoyoo while he stays with the Bamboo Guard to finish things up in the Blackram Narrows. He doesn't recognize the hero's description of Yura but assures the hero that she is likely to turn back up at some point. He suggests the hero look for Namsoyoo at the Healing House back in Bamboo Village.

During the next Blackram raid on Bamboo Village, Chengun is injured during the chaos. He dramatizes his plight before asking the hero to go save Dodan who went to face Captain Gwon alone.

After the Blackram leave the village, he is relieved to learn that Dodan is still alive due to the hero's actions. He tearfully sees the hero who is off to the Cinderlands, sad to see them go. He offers to join them in their journey, but the hero declines and asks that he stay in Bamboo Village to look after Dodan, who is severely injured. He tells the hero to seek out Retired Windstrider Andumo for transportation to Oakshade Village before the leave.

When Dochun discovers that Namsoyoo is in Zaiwei, Dodan and Chengun accompany him there, staying in the sidelines while Dochun participates in the Royal Martial Arts Championship in hopes to gain an audience with Namsoyoo. Following the prison break out, where Yunma Fei and Junghado spring the hero and Dochun from the Talus Dungeon, Chengun follows everyone to Stratus Haven, happy to see the hero alive and still concerned about Dodan who is still recovering from the last Blackram attack.

Chengun follows everyone through the Dragon Pulse into the Shiverstone Range as they flee Talus forces. Chengun follows Dochun, Dodan, Juwol, and Yunsang to the Herbside Inn. However, they are caught off guard around the Explorer's Base Camp by Frost Banshees. Dochun manages to get away, but Chengun and Dodan are taken to the Shrieking Caverns where they are imprisoned in ice pillars to be consumed for Life Force later. The hero arrives to free Chengun and Dodan who are confused and frozen. Chengun escorts Dodan to the Explorer's Base Camp right away to warm up and recuperate.

Chengun is one of the hero's allies that fight during the demon invasion of Zaiwei. He arrives with Yunma Kahn and the rest of the northern forces and helps fight off the demons within the palace. At the Altar of Divine Will, he loyally fights at Dodan's side against the demons. With the world's crisis averted, he returns with Dodan to Bamboo Village.

Second Arc[edit | edit source]

Chengun is quite proud of Dodan's accomplishments as the new Bamboo Guard Captain, still serving as his right hand man.

Bamboo Village is relatively peaceful until the Blackram East Fleet attacks following a routine scouting trip to check on the South Fleet. Chengun is thrilled to see the hero arrive on the coast, but fears for Dodan's safety while he battles the East Fleet Blackram off. He asks the hero to aid Dodan and find out what the East Fleet wants while he takes the hero's disciples to see the village doctor.

Chengun offers to carry the sickly Jinsoyun, but Ryu insists on carrying her himself. Chengun joins up again with Dodan to help tend to the injured in the village while the hero goes off to face the Blackram.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Act 1: Into the Woods[edit | edit source]