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Carrots and Sticks

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Subquest.png Carrots and Sticks
Tam Heomhae.png
Type Side
Daily Yes
Class [[]]
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Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Tam Heomhae
Starts in Explorer's Base Camp
Also occurs in
Ends in Northreach Outpost
Turn in to Gung Geumnak
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Rewards 5700 XP
1 Key
2 Silverfrost Valor Stone
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Daily quest at Explorer's Base Camp.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Tam Heomhae.
  2. Kill Whitehares and obtain Dried Carrot.
  3. Talk to Gung Geumnak

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


-Talk to Tam Heomhae.

  : By chance have you had any dealings with the Whitehare Tribe? Apparently they've been seen increasing numbers around the Shiverstone Range.
  : The Herbalists are less than thrilled by their presence and want someone to take them out. It seems a bit harsh, but apparently that's what happens when you dig up the Herbalist's gardens.
  : Anyway, see what you can do about them and their leader Toijang. And when you're done, take any evidence you find to Gung Geumnak. He's a researcher and could tell us why the Whitehare have suddenly become so hostile.


-Defeat the Whitehare Tribe around Shiverstone Range.

-Defeat Tojiang and acquire his Dried Carrot.


Talk to Gung Geumnak at Northreach Outpost.

  : Ah. You're the hired muscle Tam Heomhae told me about. Well, did you find anything interesting in their camp?
  : Hm. Let me see that. Interesting. Very interesting.
  : No. It's a dried up carrot, you dolt. All this tells me is that a culture reveres rabbits also like carrots. Hardly the discovery of the century. Ugh! Don't bother going back. I'll send in a real researcher next time.