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Caged Beasts

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Bold textThe Cinderlands: Guardian's Vigil

Picked up from Crescent Springs Shengyun Research Assistant "Tokche"


Obtain the Glacial Tortise Offal (item: Glacial Tortoise's Energy Marble)

Obtain Howling Beast Offal (item: Howling Beast's Energy Marble)



Two of the forgotten Sacred Beasts, creatures of legendary strength, are said to be sealed deep within.

The Sacred Beasts are spiritual beings connected to the land. However, these two have been sealed inside the tomb for centuries. Who knows what they have become in that time. We need you to destroy these beasts as well.


Money 1 silver 47 copper

XP 4800

Base 2 Cinderland thorns, 1 key 1 cinderlands rewards chest