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Hongmoon Bunah.jpg
Title Hongmoon Sister
Race Lyn
Gender Female
Class Force Master
Profession [[]]
Location Moves with storyline
First Quest
The Eight Masters
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Bunah is a Lyn student of the new Hongmoon School and the granddaughter of Old Man Cho. She is quieter than her brother, Bunyang but just as adventurous. She later dies sacrificing herself to protect Jinsoyun from Mushin

First Arc[edit | edit source]

Bunah and her brother Bunyang are first introduced to the hero when Old Man Cho asks them to show the hero how to use Dragon Pulses in Dragonscale. After Bunah guides the hero to the Cave of Judgement, she asks that they tell her grandfather that she did well as her grandfather said that she was "immature" for her age.

Bunah and her brother follow their grandfather around to different locations including the Scorching Sands, the Misty Woods, and the Highland Necropolis, in order to help teach the hero how to use different Windwalking skills. Bunah is usually the demonstrator of the skill while her brother explains the skill.

Second Arc[edit | edit source]

Following Jinsoyun's defeat, Bunyang convinced her to take part in a money-making scam by "re-opening" the Hongmoon School.