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Blade & Soul Wiki:Tasks

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Useful Tasks to Complete[edit source]

  • It would be helpful to create individual pages for the skills of each class, specifying what they do. I plan to do this for the Assassin class.
  • Consistency across skill format with classes. Something like Blade Dancer with the Skill List and Skill trees.
  • Zones need to be completed
  • Major lore characters need their own pages
  • Continue the archiving of the main campaign quest line
  • Detailed breakdown of all the major dungeons
  • Making pages for all the crafting/gathering items
  • Complete the PVE page
  • Create the mechanics page to regroup every mechanics specs and giving a quick overview of them
  • Add the missing skins on Outfit page
  • Create a template for each currency
  • Update the World_map page

Pages to create[edit source]

Dungeons[edit source]

Ennemies[edit source]

Items[edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit source]

NPC[edit source]

Quests[edit source]

Wheels of Fate[edit source]

Zones[edit source]