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Blackram South Anchor

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Blackram South Anchor

South anchor.png
Continent Southern Continent
Zone Viridian Coast
Region Everdusk
Foshi Pyres
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The Blackram South Anchor is the Blackram base.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Level HP Experience
Blackram Scout 9 467 23
Blackram Convoy Soldier 9 531 23
Blackram Watcher 9 212 12
Blackram Thug 9 212 12
Blackram Marine 9 340 23
Blackram Trainee 9 234 12
Lieutenant Wungsam 20 1288 0

Quests[edit | edit source]

Camps Bamboo LookoutFoshi PyresScouting PartyBlackram South Anchor
Dungeons Abandoned WellBandit HideoutBlack Adder StrongholdDefiled Tomb
Adjacent Zones Bamboo VillageGloomdross Forest
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Viridian Coast
Regions EverduskGloomdross ForestPondskip ValeDragonscaleSongshu IsleSentinel CoastBlackram Narrows
Locations Bamboo CoastBamboo VillageBamboo LookoutFoshi PyresScouting PartyBlackram South AnchorWhalesong CoveGloomdross LookoutTanjay KilnsJadestone VillageEbondrake CitadelThe Shattered MastsGloomdross IncursionTwisted Grimhorn WildsCroaker LagoonWanderer's HutRoadside CampClaypaw KennelsSongsgu PavilionStillbrook MonasterySentinel Outpost
Dungeons Blackram NarrowsAbandoned WellDefiled TombBandit HideoutBlack Adder StrongholdThe DreamdriftGoldleaf FoundryDepleted GoldmineTainted GrottoCave of MasteryCave of JudgementNecrotic LaboratoryEbon HallPlague HollowYongji CaveLakeside CacheDragonblood CaveLair of the Yutay
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