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Be Ido the clown

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'Bold text'Key Point: Accumulate debuff of opposite element and bomb the clown; tank the other 3 elite force masters.

 assign players to tank mobs/boss; typically 1 person tank 1 elite each or 1 summoner use cat to tank all 3 elites.
  • after the main tank engage the boss, 3 elite force masters will be summon at 12, 4, and 7 o’clock. The players build aggro on the assigned target and join the battle at the middle.
  • check the color of the circle on the boss; make sure whoever inside the middle boss circle doesn’t get to 10 layers of debuff. Just stay out of the circle for awhile and the debuff will disappear.
  • 1 player is assigned to be the human time bomb; he need to stay in the circle with opposite color as the middle boss circle until he get 10 layers of debuff.
  • after accumulating 10 layers, 5sec countdown begins as the player with time bomb moves to the boss while other players stay away.
  • the explosion from opposite element will shatter the fire/ice formation on the boss. The defence buff on boss will disappear temporarily along with the circle. It’s time to deal damage!
  • after the boss wake up from the explosion, he will use Force Grab on someone. Other party members combo-disable the boss.
  • the boss will then follow up with a charged sphere; use invulnerable skills (ice prison etc) to negate the damage.
  • aggro of elite force master will reset after force grab; need to rebuild the aggro.