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Awakened Profane Gauntlet

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Awakened Profane Gauntlet
Icon for Awakened Profane Gauntlet. Max Attack Power 250
Max Accuracy 132

Max Evasion 56

Triggers 16.1% Critical Damage bonus for 12 sec.

Triggers Awakened Profane.

Breakthrough.gif Breakthrough with Dokumo Gauntlet when item reaches level 5

Tooltip Growth.png Awakened Profane Gauntlet Stage 10 + Forgotten Brightstone Gauntlet = True Profane Gauntlet - Stage 1

Processed Goods
[[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]] Name

Processing Rate
Weapon GT 020134 col2.png = [[File:{{{fp_img}}}|32px|]]

Acquired from
Tooltip Growth.png True Infernal Gauntlet Stage 10 + Profane Gauntlet
Requires Level 42
Kung Fu Master Only
by All
Unable to Trade
Summontime: {{{summontime}}} hr.
Appearance Change and Export Available
Bound to Account
Durability 100 / 100
Sell Price   20 Copper.png
Purchase Price  
Purchase Price  {{{zen}}} Zenbean.png
Purchase Price   {{{nc}}} Store Charge.png
Purchase Price   {{{hmp}}} Hongmoon Point Icon.png
Purchase Price   {{{bravery}}} Grocery Coin NokRimBoss.png
Purchase Price   {{{bpoint}}} Map DragonFruit Nomal.png
Purchase Price   {{{henergy}}} Quest blue ball.png
Purchase Price   {{{senergy}}} Solar energy.png

Awakened Profane Gauntlet is a gauntlet weapon for Kung Fu Master from the Hongmoon Weapon series.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Evolution

Tooltip Growth.png True Infernal Gauntlet Stage 10 + Profane Gauntlet

Breakthrough[edit | edit source]

x Weapon GT 020020 col4.png Dokumo Gauntlet
Available on Marketplace
10x Infernal Horn.png Infernal Lord's Horn
Available on Marketplace


Evolution[edit | edit source]

x Weapon GT 020110.png Forgotten Brightstone Gauntlet
Unable to Trade
1x Moonwater Transformation Stone.png Moonwater Transformation Stone
Available on Marketplace

2Gold.png 90Silver.png

This weapon then turns into

x Weapon GT 020134 col3.png True Profane Gauntlet
Unable to Trade

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stats / Stage Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8 Stage 9 Stage 10
Attack Power 230 237 239 241 246 248 250
Accuracy 110 118 122 124 128 130 132
Evasion 46 50 52 52 54 56 56
Critical Damage 16.1 16.1 16.1 16.1 16.1 16.1 16.1 16.1 16.1 16.1

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Awakened Profane Gauntlet Look Grey.png