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Automatons are machines powered by soulstones. They were first built by the Naryu, for purposes unknown other than protecting their vast riches inside dungeons such as the Naryu Labyrinth and the Sundered Nexus.

Automatons do not always look like simple machines, they can take on various shapes, sometimes even looking biotic without any visible cogs or other machinations, like Minou, the automaton guardian of the Naryu Labyrinth who is shaped like a minotaur.

Extract from Act 3 Chapter 9:

Automatons were technical masterworks formed from metal. These machines were granted motion by moving cogs and mechanical joints and then imbued with life--some might say sentience--by the soulstones which powered them.

The Talus Dominion raids Naryu dungeons in hope of finding more Naryu automatons to copy and add to their army for their fight against the Stratus Empire.