An Overabundance of Spirits

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Campaignquest.png An Overabundance of Spirits
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 25
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Preceded by Lighting the Fire
Followed by The Mu Family
Given by Jakdan
Starts in Great Klin
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Ends in Great Klin
Turn in to Pochung
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Rewards 1000 XP
Premium Level
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Jakdan poured another cup of soju. Alcohol was the one of the few things that made this realm bearable. Jakdan drank alone, unable to tolerate the pride and installable greed of the people he encountered. Even the Kiln Festival had been ruined. What was once a ceremony of humble artisans praying to the Heavens with gratitude had degraded into little more than a tourist attraction. The once sacred traditions were now treated like novelties, parlor tricks to lure people to the Great Kiln where they would quickly be swarmed by potters selling their wares.

Jakdan guzzled another cupful and felt the familiar fire burn within him. There may been some that honored the ancient traditions, but most were too consumed by greed or personal ambition. With selfishness came suffering. Perhaps that was the true reason that Jakdan drank with such reckless abandon. It was one of the only ways to escape the suffering he saw all around him.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Jakdan
  2. Retrive a Banishing Orb inside Mandrake Grotto then throw the orb at a Mandrake Sprite to obtain a Mandrake Sprout
  3. Speak with Pochung

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Speak with Jakdan

"Who are you? Never mind, I don't care. Go away."
Pochung sent me for Mandrake Sprouts.
"Mandrake Sprouts? The Kiln Festival is here already?"
Seems like it.
"I hate the Kiln Festival. The potters, the lightning fire, the pots. I hate all of it! It's dull and stupid and boring. They don't even drink! (What kind of festival has no booze?)"
 :So about the Mandrake Sprouts...' '
"Right. The Mandrake Sprouts I grow can fuel the lightning fire for days. In return, I get all the soju I can drink. Pots and pots of it. It's the only thing worth living for... (The one's brave enough to enter the grotto. That's something.) But Mandrake Sprites love the smell of my sprouts and the potters won't go near those floating creeps. No Mandrake Sprouts, no Festival. So I need you to toss a Banishing Orb at those Mandrake Sprites. They'll go... wherever it is they go and leave my Mandrake Sprouts ready to pluck. Easy as Ploggle pie."
Where can I find the Banishing Orbs?
"Check the stone lantern at the Mandrake Grotto, should be in there. Oh, and watch out for the Ploggles."

2. Retrieve a Banishing Orb inside Mandrake Grotto then throw the orb at a Mandrake Sprite to obtain a Mandrake Sprout

3. Speak with Pochung

"Ah the Mandrake Sprouts! These will keep the lightning fire lit for the entire Kiln Festival."
Now give me the Silver Crest.
"Ah yes, the Crest. Well, the truth is... I don't have it. Potter legend says Mushin commissioned the Silver Crest thousands of years ago. It now rests with his descendants, the Mu family in Clear Sky Village."
Can you make another one?
"As if it's that easy! I'm sure the Silver Crest is still in Clear Sky Village. It's a precious thing, made for Mushin himself. He was once a great general of the Naryu civilization, you know. (What a lazy person. Definitely not potter material.) "
So who is mushin's descendant?
"How would I know? This all happened a potful of centuries ago. Colonel Yonkai oversees this region and likely maintains records of Clear Sky Village's population. I heard he's currently visiting a military post not far from here. Go bother him about the Mu family."