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All That Glitters

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Subquest.png All That Glitters
All That Glitters.jpg
Type Side
Daily Yes
Class [[]]
Act Act {{{act}}}, Chapter {{{chapter}}}
Level 14
Preceded by [[]]
Followed by Gold Flingers
Given by Chadai
Starts in Tanjay Kilns
Also occurs in Goldleaf Foundry
Ends in Tanjay Kilns
Turn in to Choi Gobung
Rewards {{{rewards}}}
Rewards 450 XP
2 Viridian Valor Stone
1 Viridian Reward Chest
Premium Level {{{plvl}}}
Duration {{{duration}}}

First available after completing Campaignquest.png Act 1, Chapter 12: Deep in the Gloomdross.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Chadai
  2. Defeat Dusk Adder Overseer Furin at the Goldleaf Foundry and obtain the Box of Fake Gold
  3. Talk to Chadai
  4. Talk to Choi Gobung

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Chadai

"The Dusk Adders have gone too far."
"It looks like we've figured out why the Dusk Adders have been snatching up ebonywood wherever they could find it."
"Ebonywood has the same density as gold. They're using the wood chunks to make fake gold ingots."
People fall for that?
"Many people don't bother melting the gold down before they accept it as currency. These fake ingots can trade owners a dozen times before they're discovered.
I didn't want to believe it, but it seems this has been going on under my own nose: The Dusk Adders have been doing their forging at the Goldleaf Foundry.
The Char Coalition is dedicated to peace... But this is too much to ignore. Make your way through the foundry, eliminate the overseer, and recover any of the fake gold ingots you find."
"The Dusk Adders must be stopped!

2. Defeat Dusk Adder Overseer Furin at the Goldleaf Foundry and obtain the Box of Fake Gold

3. Talk to Chadai

"You are back."
"Well, well, well. A crate full of fake gold. Looks like you hit the jackpot, Jyan."
What now?
"We must remain vigilant. Those thieves can't be permitted to overrun the Gloomdross."
(And stealing up all the quality ebonywood we need for our charcoal...)
"As much as I hate relying on them, this may be something better suited for the Bamboo Guard."
(Never had much need for the Guard in the Gloomdross till now. Times change I guess.)
"To that end... The Char Coalition will now, reluctantly, be supplying the Bamboo Militia with Flamegrass powder for munitions. Do not make us regret this decision."
"At what cost comes safety?"

4. Talk to Choi Gobung

"Speak, recruit."
"I heard something big went down at the Goldleaf Foundry. You have anything to do with that?"
I did.
"I can see why you're Captain Dochun's favorite. Keep up the good work."
(This Jyan's making the rest of us look bad. But results are results.)
The Coalition has agreed to supply the Guard with Flamegrass Powder.
"Hey! That's great news! Now we'll be able to take the fight to the Dusk Adders, Blackram, and even that Jinsoyun person! I better go tell Ha Jungwang to get with the bombmaking.
Er, on second thought. Maybe we should move the Flamegrass Powder to a secure location first before we turn Ha Jungwang on it. Somewhere... Far away. Regardless, great work, Jyan."