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Agents of the Stratus Empire

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Campaignquest.png Agents of the Stratus Empire
Agents of the Stratus Empire.png
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 8
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Preceded by The Dark Glimpse
Followed by Where There is Smoke
Given by Park Bumjin
Starts in Wispwater Spring
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Ends in Wispwater Spring
Turn in to Han Sirang
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Rewards 2600 XP
2 Healing Tonic
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Sojun struggled to stay awake, to focus on anything in the small hut. The doctor said something to her, but she couldn't hear him over the pounding of her own blood in her eardrums. She screamed as her stomach turned.

Hours earlier, Sojun was kneeling in the Wraithbloom field, hidden behind a tree. She had been studying the Tyrian Cult for weeks and was finally ready to strike. With deft precision, she silently stalked the overseer and readied her weapon. Just as she came behind him, he threw Wraithbloom powder into her eyes. She screamed and waved her knife blindly as she stumbled across the field.

When she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by demons and the ghosts of her past. She flung her arms wildly to hit them, only for them to reappear and scream even louder. Sojun fell to her knees and collapsed into the soil.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Park Bumjin
  2. Speak with General Han
  3. Defeat Southpyre Border Scouts and take their Wraithbloom Antidotes (0/9)
  4. Give the Wraithbloom Antidote to Sojun
  5. Speak with Sojun
  6. Speak with General Han

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Speak with Park Bumjin

"If you're here to tell me to abandon hope for these men, I'm afraid you're wasting your time."
Jihei says they can't be helped.
"Thank you for Jihei's message. Now I must attend to my patients."

2. Speak with General Han

"Bumjin refuses to abandon his post. Frankly, I'm inclined to stand with him. (How are you not dead? You look like you've been put through the wringer...) When my men pulled back, they returned with this woman. She's been poisoned by the Tyrian Cult's Wraithbloom smoke. She may have information that can help us defeat the Tyrian Cult. But we may need more of the Wraithbloom Antidote if we hope to make heads or tails of what she tells us. Members of the Tyrian Cult have been patrolling the roads near here. Find them. Kill them. Bring back the Wraithbloom Antidote. Dismissed."

3. Defeat Southpyre Border Scouts and take their Wraithbloom Antidotes (0/9)

4. Give the Wraithbloom Antidote to Sojun

5. Speak with Sojun

"Thank you. The pain is beginning to subside. What about Captain Choi Jina? Where is she?"
She's not here.
"My name is Sojun. I'm an operative from Stratus Royal Court. My captain and I were investigating the Tyrian's smuggling operation when our identities were compromised. I managed to make it out, but my commanding officer is still in danger. I... can't abandon her! Please take my badge and request reinforcements. (I can only hope she's still alive.)"

6. Speak with General Han

"She's from the Royal Court? This may be a blessing in disguise. Give me the badge. If Captain Rogan knows that an agent of the Royal Court has been attacked, he'll have no choice but to send forces to fight the Tyrian Cult. (This may be our chance to crush this cult once and for all.) While I appeal to Ah Rogan, you must go to the Tyrian Storehouse. Ensure the Stratus Agent is safe."