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Acronyms and Abbreviations

Raids:[edit | edit source]

IA: Iron's Ark/Steelbreaker

BT: Black Tower/Skybreak Spire

DKV: Dawn of Khanda Vihar

FAS: Fallen Aransu School

MSP: Midnight Skypetal Plains

ET: Eternity Temple/Scarlet Conservatory

SJF: Snowjade Fortress

TT: Twilight Temple/Nightfall Sanctuary (Emperor’s throne)
VT: Vortex Temple/Temple of Eluvium

Dungeons:[edit | edit source]

CS: Cold Storage

HM: Heavens Mandate

SSM: Starstone Mines

hh: Hollows Heart

DD: Drowning Deeps

RT: Ransacked Treasury

SST/ST: Sandstorm Temple

TSM: The Shadowmoore

DST: Dreamsong Theatre

BC: Brood Chamber

WC: Warped Citadel

CC: Cathedral Cliffs

H0: Hanger 0

SP: Stonescale Passage

HH: Halcyon Hills

Items:[edit | edit source]

IA3: Steelbreaker stage 3 (level of weapon)

A9: Aransu stage 9 (level of weapon)

DGS: Divine Grace Stone

GC: Grand Celestial (level of weapon)

TB: Thornbreaker (level of weapon)

Classes:[edit | edit source]

ARC: Archer

BD: Blade Dancer

BM: Blade Master

DES: Destroyer

GS: Gunslinger

KFM: Kung Fu Master

FM: Force Master

SIN: Assassin

SM: Summoner

SF: Soul Fighter

WAR/WD: Warden

WL: Warlock

Others:[edit | edit source]

6s: 6v6, Battleground, one-shot fiesta, gears dominated PVP

AFK: Away From Keyboard

BB: Blue Buff (Assassin Buff that gives crit dmg and crit chance)

BW: Blackwing (Warlock/Warden Buff)

F8: That key on your keyboard, Cross-server dungeon, Average skill-level of NA/EU Players

F10: Hongmoon Store

F2P: Free to play

P2W: Pay to win
Mechs: Mechanics

PVP: Player vs Player

PVE: Player vs Environment

WTB: Want To Buy

WTS: Want To Sell

Unknown:[edit | edit source]