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A Raucous Reunion

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Subquest.png A Raucous Reunion
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Type Side
Daily Yes
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Act Act {{{act}}}, Chapter {{{chapter}}}
Level 45
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Followed by [[{{{followedby}}}]]
Given by Dokdan the Wise
Starts in Mushin's Tower
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Ends in [[{{{ends}}}]]
Turn in to Dokdan the Wise
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Rewards 18800 XP
1 Mushin's Tower Reward Chest (Alternate)
1 Yunsang Prayer Bead
1000 Reputation
3Gold.png 22Silver.png 0Copper.png
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A Raucous Reunion is one of many daily quests for the Mushin's Tower dungeon.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

We've got quite the challenger asking for you on the 20th floor of the tower. Red hair, bigger than a gnarlox. the man says he's "training to face new evils," whatever that means. Says he knows you from a long time ago, and he wants to train with the best.
What do you think? Care to spar with the big fella?