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A History of Violence

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Campaignquest.png A History of Violence
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 2, Chapter 12
Preceded by Doctor's Orders
Followed by Into the Mines
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Miryung rushed over as soon as she saw a figure approach Lusung's old home. The other villagers continuously threatened to tear the place down, think that would appease Yonkai. Miryung didn't know what she would do once she confronted the trespasser, but she knew she had to try to do the right thing.

Miryung steeled herself and approached the doorway to Lusung's home. She regarded the intruder's weapons and stifled a gasp. However, once the warrior turned, she sensed that this person meant well. The look Miryung received wasn't one of blind hatred; it was one of kindness.

Miryung still remembered seeing Lusung standing in that exact spot, his face splattered with the blood of Yonkai's soldiers. Lusung wiped his face and whispered that he killed all the soldiers he could find, and that he would return one day to come after Yonkai himself. He made Miryung promised to take care of his parent's bodies. He agreed, though most days she wished she hadn't. But a promise was a promise. No one would further desecrate the bodies.

Objectives[edit | edit source]