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A Bulbari's Tale

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Subquest.png A Bulbari's Tale
Type Side
Daily No
Class [[]]
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Level 14
Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Nagan
Starts in Jadestone Village
Also occurs in
Ends in Croaker Lagoon
Turn in to Ahwak
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Rewards 370 XP
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Nagan
  2. Shake the Juniper trees in Pondskip Vale and obtain the tails of Rotroot Bulbari (0/3)
  3. Speak with Ahwak at Croaker Lagoon

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Nagan

"Argh! Too loud!"
"You can't stomp around the dock while I'm fishing! That one was about to bite. These damn dish are playing with me!
(How smart are fish? What if the fish are fishing for me?)
I'm never going to learn any of Old Man Cho's martial arts if I can't catch anything. Fishing is the worst!
(Maybe this is Old Man Cho's true lesson. We're all just fish in the lake of life.)
I've been here forever and still haven't learned a single martial arts move from that crazy old man. You have to help me! I saw a fisherman catch a basket full of jade trout using bulbari tails as bait.
I know I'm supposed to catch the object I truly seek, but maybe that's a jade trout. Who knows what I truly seek? I sure don't!
I know I seek not to fish anymore. Maybe if I get a big enough trout, Old Man Cho will finally teach me something. So, want to do me a favor?"
I suppose.
"That's the spirit... kind of. I need you to find me the biggest Bulbari tails you can. I'll need a few, so you should check the path up to Pondskip Vale. Bulbari burrow beneath trees up there. Shake the tree, find the tails.
Once you have the tails, drop them off with my pal Ahwak at Croaker Lagoon and tell him to get over here and help me catch a damn jade trout."
"Maybe Ahwak is a better fisherman than me."

2. Shake the Juniper trees in Pondskip Vale and obtain the tails of Rotroot Bulbari (0/3)

3. Speak with Ahwak at Croaker Lagoon

"They're breaking me down."
"The croaking and the plogging, it's just... It's too much."
Nagan said you should bring him these.
"What, Bulbari tails? Why in the world does Nagan need Bulbari tails?"
He needs help catching a fish.
"Nagan can catch his own damn fish. Old man Cho told me to meditate here and that's what I aim to do. Except I can't thanks to these deafening Ploggles. (All the noise, noise, noise, noise!)
But, maybe if I stuff the Bulbari tails in my ears... Yes! I can't hear a thing! Thank you, thank you so much! Though, I look pretty ridiculous, don't I..."
"What? Did you say something? Speak up!"