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A Brother's Penance

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Subquest.png A Brother's Penance
A Brother's Penance.png
Type Side
Daily No
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Act Act , Chapter
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Preceded by [[]]
Followed by [[]]
Given by Wuyun
Starts in Oakshade Village
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Ends in Dan Woonbing
Turn in to Oakshade Village
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Rewards 770 XP
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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Wuyun
  2. Find and talk to the man trapped in the Southpyre Cell
  3. Obtain the Tyrian Directory
    Obtain the Tyrian Orders
  4. Talk to Dan Woonbing

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Talk to Wuyun

"Greetings! I am Sen Wuyun, traveling warrior and servant of justice. Your efforts for this village prove you righteous. If you are willing, I require your aid."
How can I help?
"The Tyrian Cultists are viewed by most in the Tomun Range as lunatics and monsters, unredeemable by any means. It is easier to loathe such an enemy. But I have seen that these Cultists are indeed human, capable of choice. There is one who has learned the error of his ways, and rejected his faith. I witnessed a man defy his God's command to murder. For this he was shackled, and sentenced to death. What justice is there for this man? No one would aid a known zealot. He sits imprisoned just south of the village, but there are too many guards for me to face alone. He deserves a second chance. Please, Jyan."

2. Find and talk to the man trapped in the Southpyre Cell

"Are you the one they've sent to end me, outsider? They couldn't find a Tyrian with the stomach for execution? Well, you can go ahead. I won't repent to them or their god. (Is it time?) I'm done brainwashing innocents for your cause, done with the sacrifices. I'll have no more blood on my hands!"
I'm here to help.
"You... you're what? I'm sorry, I was not expecting that. Thank you, stranger, but I can't leave. You may have heard my crimes, but you weren't there. You didn't see us transform living, breathing people into mindless drones. Each one was somebody's child, and that dead look in their eyes... I don't want to live with what I've done. But your journey doesn't have to be in vain. There are documents kept here that, in the right hands, could devastate the Tyrian's whole operation. (Yes... I can at least do this.) A man named Pang Bok guards a list with the names of every Tyrian Cultist, while his brother, Pang Jek, carries orders from Gwihan himself."
Are you sure about all this?
"I've made up my mind. Now go, secure the documents, and bring them to the soldier named Dan Woonbing."

3. Obtain the Tyrian Directory and the Tyrian Orders

4. Talk to Dan Woonbing

"Hello, warrior. It's been a while. What brings you back here?"
I found these documents.
"Documents? Sure, I'll take a look. Let's see, this is... I don't believe it! This is a list of the Cultists, maybe all of them! And these orders... Warrior, where do you get these? (Unreal! In all this time, we've never had information like this.)
I found them on a corpse.
"You found them... on a corpse? I... I just can't believe it. If this information is credible, we can take down the entire Tyrian Cult! Hmmm... the seal on these orders is certainly authentic. According to these, the Cultists are being ordered to separate the female captives from the men. But the rest of it... a prophecy? (Things are beginning to make a lot more sense...) Apparently Gwihan believes he's fated to die at the hands of a woman. That explains how the Cult picks its victims. I don't think you understand how vital this information is, friend. This will completely change how we combat the Tyrian Cult. Thank you... words aren't enough. (When the Cult is dismantled, perhaps my brother will come home.)