A Bridge Too Far Gone

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Campaignquest.png A Bridge Too Far Gone
Old Man Cho.jpg
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 1, Chapter 13
Level 15
Preceded by Deep in the Gloomdross
Followed by Drinking Problems
Given by Paso
Starts in Tanjay Kilns
Also occurs in
Ends in Jadestone Village
Turn in to Old Man Cho
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Rewards 390 XP
15 Key
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Old Man Cho was a curiosity, that's for sure. Barely as tall as a tree stump, Cho's beard hung to his knees and his glasses were as thick as gnarlox hide. He didn't look like much. But in fact, he was a renowned martial arts practitioner, and one of the last true masters of the Dragon Pulse.

Streams of energy coursed through the Earthen Realm like invisible rivers--invisible, at least, to those who could not see. Masters of these "Dragon Pulses" could harness their power in order to travel vast distances in the blink of an eye. Such Dragon Pulse masters were exceedingly rare, and they were often loathe to share their secrets. Old Man Cho took particular pleasure in humiliating would-be students instead of teaching them anything useful. Cho was known across the continent as a bully and a crank, but Cho didn't mind. In fact, he reveled in it.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Pundihay at the Jadestone Village Tavern
  2. Speak with Old Man Cho
  3. Find and stack the Juniper Firewood
  4. Pour water into Cho's Water Jar
  5. Speak with Old Man Cho

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

1. Speak with Pundihay at the Jadestone Village Tavern

"I've got some good news and bad news."
"I'm Pundihay. Ha Jungwang told me to assist you in any way I can in your search for Jinsoyun.
Do you know there she is?
"Yes. I do believe I have an idea where your Lady in Black may be. She was last seen heading toward Songshu Isle to the south.
Unfortunately, the bridge leading to the island has collapsed. We're not sure who's to blame. Could be the Blackram Marauders, the Dusk Adder gang, or even your Jinsoyun.
Luckily, there's another way onto the island. A strong warrior like you could use the Dragon Pulse to get there."
What's a Dragon Pulse?
"Wow, you must really be out of it. Dragon Pulses are pathways of energy connecting locations all over the world.
Dragon Pulses allow quick, easy travel over long distances. Well, it's only quick and easy if you know how.
You know what? Old Man Cho is an expert in riding Dragon Pulses and he lives right here in town. He'd be able to teach you.
Fair warning though: he's a bit of a nutcase. And cranky. And rude. But other than that, he's a great guy."
"Find Old Man Cho."

2. Speak with Old Man Cho

"Eh! Buncha no good, good-for-nothings."
"Not another one! I'm sick of you punks bugging me about the Dragon Pulses! I'm not a charity, you know. Does it say "Punk Kid Charity" over my door? Does it?
(Hmm! A strange energy around this one! Something different...)
Stop giving me those puppy dog eyes. Hmm. No offense there, little warrior, but you look like hell. Honestly, you look like a Dark Realm reject.
For one, your chi is flowing about as well as a frozen lake. Boy, you're plugged up, ain't ya?
(It's the Mark of the Black Rose! How is this kid still standing?)
Prancing Ploggles! You're a walking disaster. But, I suppose you're not entirely a lost cause. You're at least interesting. I'll give ya that.
(The Black Rose! I gotta make sure of what I'm dealing with here.)
That said, I'm not even sure you could ride an iron ox, let alone a Dragon Pulse. You're gonna have to prove it!
Listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. See that pile of firewood over yonder? Bring it here and add it to the pile I already got going.
When you're done with that, go to the lake, fetch me some water, and pour that water into my jar. Got it? I know this is advanced stuff for somebody with your level of smarts.
What are you waiting for? Lift with your legs and not with your back, and all that. And no cheating! I got better eyes than you might think!"
"Get to work, rookie."

3. Find and stack the Juniper Firewood

4. Pour water into Cho's Water Jar

"Hey, you're not completely plogbrained! Proud of yourself, are ya? Now go get the water."

5. Speak with Old Man Cho

"Eh? Done already, kid?"
"Congratulations. You can do menial chores. Your parents would be proud. Actually, though, considering you have the Mark of the Black Rose, I'm almost impressed. Had a run-in with Jinsoyun, did ya?"
How do you know of Jinsoyun?
"One thing at a time, rookie! First we need to make sure you don't drop dead anytime soon. Your chi needs a hard shove to get going again."
When will you teach me about the Dragon Pulses?
"Quiet, fool. You think riding the pulses is a picnic? The energy will rip your heart out and show it to you before you die!
In other words, with your chi all twisted like it is now, riding a pulse would likely be a one-way ticket to the Spirit Realm!
But today's your lucky day. Ya heard of the Eight Masters? They're in the area, and they could set you on the Path to Enlightenment, at least enough to jumpstart your chi.
As for where they are... hmm. Well, I'm old, y'see, and very forgetful. A drink might jog my memory. A nice, fat glass of the hard stuff. Yes. That would do nicely!
South of Jadestone is a good-sized cave. Cool and damp. The perfect place for my beautiful liquor bottles. Some numbskull wannabe pupil of mine went to fetch me a bottle, but he never came back.
If he's in there drinking my liquor, I want you to murder him. Well, maybe not murder. Rough him up a little. At most, break an arm or something. In any case, get the liquor from that plogbrain and then meet me at the Jadestone Tavern. Go! Go!"