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If this is your first time playing Blade and Soul, you can experiment and evolve your mainstream weapon (the weapon you get at the beginning of the game) but it is actually far better to progress the game by using picked up weapons from chest/roullets/dungeons. The reason being is that evolving weapons is extremely expensive and you actually waste a ton of money on materials trying to get materials to evolve your weapon in addition to the craft fee and it takes very very very very very long time to farm the necessary materials and experience to level up your mainstream weapon (you literally save like a months worth of farming time). Instead, I highly suggest you save your money (100 gold coins) and just buy your level 45 pirate weapon ( sold by NPC at the pirate place on the third act (Moonwater area)) because for that price, you get a weapon that is gives you a huge boost in dps and you get to choose the attributes you want.

How to find the weapons you need for evolving! (only works on russian international english patched version)[edit | edit source]

  1. Get your purple weapon you want to evolve

File:Sample retry2.png

To get to this screen, hold SHIFT+Left click on weapon or press refine and select weapon

  1. Hover mouse cursor over the box

File:Sample 3.png

  1. Hover mouse over map markers until you find the place your looking for

File:Sample 4.png

Note that some weapons only drop from certain dungeons or are exclusive to certain areas or bosses

  1. Try looking through the auction house for the required weapon and it will display the weapon and even tell you where you can find it(SORT BY LEVEL!!!)

File:Sample 5.png

Note that if the weapon comes from a chest, you will have to spend a key and since there are eight classes, you have a 1/8 chance of getting the weapon for your class unless you spend a shinning key

Other very useful hints for evolving weapons

  • It is worth using a shining key to get your class weapon?

The answer is no for dragon forest key, yes for great desert key, and no for moonwater plains key unless its a godly hard dungeon or rarely run dungeon and the only way to obtain it is through the instance.

  • Evolving your weapon is godly expensive.

The cost to upgrade to true flame is 7 gold and there is a chance to fail. The materials are very expensive too.

  • Where do I get "Iron thooths"?

Try Ramming Pirate fleet instance from Dragon Forest map. You get one daily for the daily quest from the NPC right next to the group search thing. There is a chance to get 6-16 of them from the chest reward valued at about 2-3 gold?

  • Where do I get the "Horn of the great flame" things?

Ancient tomb instance from Great desert map. You get one daily and if your lucky, you can get like 10 from the final chest reward after killing final boss.

  • Where do I get "crystals"?

You can get them from doing faction quest (red vs. blue). Crystals are in pretty high demand, they are used for acquiring hearts (the thing that gives you one extra life bar after your first life bar runs out) at a cost of 2 crystals per heart, crafting weapons, and for feeding weapons.

  • Where do I get Forest Evolution Stone?

You get one from doing the mainline quest, they are also a rare drop from chest unlock via key, they can be found on the auction house, or they can be crafted.

  • Where do I get Desert Evolution Stone?

Rare drop from chest using keys, they can be found on the auction house and crafted.

Super Easy Cheap Way of Getting Shinning Hexagonal Gems!! (SAVE MONEY!!!)[edit | edit source]


  1. Go to this guy located on Moonwater Plains of Abundance

File:Sample 6.png

  1. Buy some "Coupons on a dark wheel of good luck" by exchanging your "Plate of the hero of the Plain"x2

File:Sample 7.png

  1. Use coupon on wheel to get random reward

File:Sample 8.png

There is basically a 20%(1/5) change of getting a gem box of random color, 60% (3/5) of getting a slip called "Next time", and a rare chance 1-5% of getting a rare purple box that gave me a "South of Heaven coin" which you can use to get 5 more coupons. Saves you a lot of money since each shinning hexagonal gem cost about 1 gold each and you only spent 2-30 easy to obtain "Plate of the hero of the Plain" to get them.