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Each class in Blade & Soul weapon uses a unique weapon and can only equip that type of weapon. Weapons can be purchased from weapon merchants, dropped by monsters, attained from quests, and at level 16 and higher, purchased from the market. Unlike other games, you keep your main weapon and level it up as you progress (as opposed to discarding it when another weapon has dropped). There is also an option to change your weapon's appearance with a weapon skin.

Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

Main Weapon[edit | edit source]

You will receive your main Hongmoon Weapon in an early yellow quest in Bamboo Village. You keep this weapon all through your progress in the game; there is no better weapon. However, you are required to level up your weapon as you progress. This can be done by either using Elements of Training (which are usually blue quest rewards) or by feeding other weapons.

There are no requirements for a weapon to be fed to your Hongmoon weapon other than level requirements. Any weapon that is dropped in game from mobs can be fed. You do not need a class-specific weapon, and you do not need to unseal the feeder weapon.

Your Hongmoon Weapon levels up in stages. At each stage, your attributes get higher. When the weapon reaches the end of the leveling stage, normally one of two situations apply: the weapon is at Stage 5 and needs to Breakthrough to Stage 6, or the weapon is at Stage 10 and needs to Evolve to its next form. At these milestones, a special set of ingredients are needed to accomplish the Breakthrough/Evolution, including a specific weapon.

Weapon Stats / Attributes[edit | edit source]

To see a full list of all attributes available in Blade and Soul, check out the Stats page.