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The Summoner

The Summoner is a versatile class in Blade and Soul, and is best described as a "jack-of-all-trades, but master-of-none."Summoners are Lyn-exclusive, and call upon a Familiar to take damage for the player and to assist in close-range combat. A Summoner's primary attacks cast spells at a distance, and so are excellent at ranged combat. With their mix of support and defensive skills, they are easy for most any player to use.

Races[edit | edit source]

This class can only be played with the Lyn.

Cats[edit | edit source]

The introductory quest Master Hong's Summons goes a little bit different for Summoners than for other classes. At the end of the quest, the player is prompted to choose a cat follower/familiar from among 5 options.

Toggle for the Cats!
"You ready to fight? I'm ready to fight. You ready to kick some tail? I'm ready to kick some tail!
Let's conquer the world... together! Purr! Meow!
Pick me, and you can name me whatever you want. As long as it's ferocious!"
"I don't know you, but I already love you! I'll be the most loyal Familiar ever!
Please pick me!
My name is Fido, but you can call me whatever you want.
Can we play fetch? Ruff! Uh, I mean meow."
"I'm trying to look my best for you, Summoner. This is my first time to your realm!
Are you nervous? I am. Oh, please pick me. You seem nice, purr.
Are you really going to make me your Familiar? I'm so excited!
Take your time naming me. Purr, meow!"
"I'm very experienced in the ways of your world, Summoner!
In return for my services, I ask only for your trust... and a few fish!
Will you bond with me, Summoner?
Please pick a name that suits you... and me-ow!"
"So we're going to learn martial arts and fight for good, right?
I guess I can do that between naps.
My name's Frisky, but name me whatever you want."

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill icon summoner rosethorn.png Rosethorn Inflicts wind damage.
Skill icon summoner footloose.png Footloose Decreases the Chi recover time of the summoner or a party member by 6 sec.
Skill icon summoner helping paw.png Helping Paw! Resurrect an unconscious ally.
Skill icon summoner rumblebees.png Rumblebees Inflicts wind damage
Skill icon summoner entangle.png Entangle Knocks down an enemy
Skill icon summoner bloom n doom.png Doom 'n' Bloom Deals earth damage over time to enemies in an area around the summoner.
Skill icon summoner retreat.png Retreat Escape from knockdown, daze, and unconsciousness.
Skill icon summoner briar patch.png Flying Nettles Decreases movement speed and deals damage over time to enemies in an area around the summoner.
Skill icon summoner guard duty.png Guard Duty Commands the summoner's familiar to take damage in place of the summoner while the summoner is in Chi Recovery.
Skill icon summoner farewell.png Farewell The summoner's familiar sacrifices itself in order to resurrect the summoner along with any other unconscious party members in range.
Skill icon common ride dragon pulse.pngRide Dragon Pulse Rides a nearby Dragon Pulse to its natural outlet.
Skill icon summoner wish.png Wish Resurrects the summoner's familiar.
Skill icon summoner lunge.png Lunge Commands the summoner's familiar to charge the target.
Skill icon summoner power pounce.png Power Pounce The summoner's familiar pins the enemy them damages it.
Skill icon summoner grasping roots.png Grasping Roots Summon roots around the target which snare enemies and deal earth damage.
Skill icon summoner tag team.png Tag Team When the summoner is knocked down the familiar will switch places with the summoner, allowing her to escape.
Skill icon summoner second wind.png Second Wind The summoner escapes from grapples and grabs and retreads 10 meters.
Skill icon summoner thorn strike.png Thorn Strike Inflicts earth damage.
Skill Icon SoulFighter 0-3-4.png Backstep The summer recovers from knockdown or unconsciousness and retreats 10 meters.
Skill icon summoner petal storm.png Petal Storm The summoner resists ranged attacks and status effects while preventing nearby enemeies from blocking or evading.
Skill icon summoner seed shroud.png Seed Shroud The summoner counters an attack gaining stealth, resistance to damage and status effects, and focus.
Skill icon summoner briar patch.png Briar Patch Inflicts earth damage and decreases movement speed of nearby enemies.
Skill icon summoner huzzah.png Huzzah! The summoner sacrifices HP to heal her familiar over time.
Skill icon summoner true friend.png True Friend Transfers HP from the familiar to the summoner.
Skill icon summoner headbutt.png Headbutt The familiar knocks a grappled enemy unconsious.
Skill icon summoner strike.png Strike The familiar strikes the target with it's hammer.
Skill icon summoner hammer spin.png Hammer Spin The familiar spins with it's hammer, damaging nearby enemies.
Skill icon summoner anklebiter.png Anklebiter The summoner's familiar knocks down any nearby enemies in front of it.
Skill icon summoner uppercut.png Uppercut The familiar launches the target into the air.
Skill icon summoner play time.png Playtime The familiar swatchs at an airborn target.
Skill icon summoner crouching tiger.png Crouching Tiger The summoner's familiar curles up into a ball, reducing the damage it recieves for a time.
Skill icon summoner beckon.png Beckon The familiar returns to the summoner's side and is cured of status effects.
Dash Left.png Dash Left Move 8m to the left.
Dash Right.png Dash Right Move 8m to the right.
Sprint.png Sprint Run swiftly across the ground.
Water Dash.png Water Dash Dash swiftly across the water.
Air Dash.png Air Dash Soar quickly through the air.
Wall Dash.png Wall Dash Dash quickly across a wall.
Surge.png Surge Sprint following a dive.
Evade Move backwards 10m.
Dive.png Dive Descend quickly towards the ground.
Glide.png Glide Glides slowly through the air.
Vault (skill).png Vault Leap over obstacles.
Skill icon summoner paw.png Paw The familiar slashes the enemy it is attackingcausing them to bleed.
Skill icon summoner alley cat.png Alley Cat Increase's the familiar's damage.
Skill icon summoner house cat.png House Cat Increases the familiar's defense.
Skill icon summoner swoosh.png Swoosh The familiar moves behind the target.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the G-Star 2009 Trailer, a prototype Summoner was shown at the beginning but never revealed as being one until the Korean CBT3.

Media[edit | edit source]

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

The following screenshots were taken from the character creation screen at NA launch in 2016.

Assassin icon.pngAssassinBlade Dancer icon.pngBlade DancerBlade Master icon.pngBlade MasterDestroyer icon.pngDestroyerForce Master icon.pngForce MasterKung Fu Master icon.pngKung Fu MasterSummoner icon.pngSummonerWarlock icon.pngWarlock