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Blade & Soul will contain four playable races. They consist of the powerful Gon, the ambitious Jin, the beautiful Kun and the mischievous Lyn.


The Gon are massive beings; their size is a symbol of strength and power in the world of Blade and Soul. They are built with sculpted muscle and subtle elegance. Their extraordinary height allows them to tower over the other races, striking fear and intimidation into any who may oppose them. The Gon represent the spirit of earth; strong, proud, and steadfast.


The Jin are the closest to what we perceive as "normal". But don't let their appearance fool you. The Jin's spirit is far superior to that of the other races, and thus they are far from "normal." The Jin have the capability to master anything they put their minds to and will stop at nothing to complete a task. Their determination is clearly without equal. This gives them great advantages when training in the combat arts of Kung-Fu and Blade Mastery


The Kun are what elegance, beauty, and grace are made of. This race consists of only women and are believed to have embodied the strength of the phoenix. Their beauty is so striking that they are sometimes mistaken for goddesses that have descended from the heavens and thus the name "Kun" meaning "Sky".


This small and adorable race, known as the Lyn, have exceptionally cute features such as big furry ears, tails, and a petite frame. They are a gentle and mischievous race, but they do hold mysteries of their own. They have inherited the ability of a legendary creature, the Kylin. This trait allows Lyn to communicate with the realm of the dead and grants them access to secrets and mysteries hidden from the ordinary folk.