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PvP will be a choice option supported by a Flag system, which is manipulated by the use of Doboks.

By donning a Dobok, a player goes into a PvP status known as "Flagged." Your character name changes to red as well as the names of other players wearing the Dobok of different factions. You will not be able to attack players whose names are not red, and when flagged you will be open to attack by any flagged players not in your faction.


Participate in 1v1 or 3v3 and win celestial beans to purchase PVP exclusive equipment.

  • Note that special potions (instant heal), talismans (removes any negative effect) can be used in the arena
  • There is no rank system, you can be place in the arena with the top player in the server, it only takes one win to go from bronze to silver (the rest of the server)
  • You get a minimum of 10 beans for losing
  • PVP is not advised because the only players who PVP are super godly rich players. The difference between a noob lvl 45 weapon and a godly lvl 45 weapon is 1000 damage apart.
  • PVP is a show of wealth, not skill unless the two players are evenly geared.

Faction PVP[edit]

  • You basically join the channel that has a significantly large number of players with your faction to do daily faction quest.
  • PVP is basically steam rolling the other side with shear numbers and farming NPCs at the enemy camp to get tokens.
  • In later levels, the enemy base is extremely close by so farming or being farmed is extremely easy. You basically just fall out of your spawn point and die instantly.
  • No skill involved.
  • Range is severely overpowered in PVP because multiple rangers can aim at one target, plus you can attack your opponent without him/her noticing you because he/she is busy doing quest or fighting bosses. By the time your opponent realizes the sneak attack, he or she already has lost a huge amount of hp, unless you just totally fail to do any damage at all
  • Need decent cpu, slow cpu will not load every model so basically you are at the mercy of your cpu. Until your computer decides to render the model of your attacker, you can't do shit.
  • PVP is gear based.
  • No balance system
  • No skill required
  • No handicap penalty
  • If anyone is wondering, Wulin Alliance have the Majority population with about 2:1 ratio, you could almost safely say 3:1. Don't trust the NPC that says that the faction ratio is 1:1. It doesn't account for the fact that the majority of the active members are on the Wulin Alliance and the fact that the people who join the Huntian cult, don't PVP at all because they have no idea what Faction PVP does or how to get crystals. The Wulin Alliance are the guys who you go through the main story with on act 2 which is why the population in balance is huge. You can choose not to trust me but this actually means a difference when you have to do daily missions to get crystals. There is a simple experiment to find out which faction is owning; Stand at your spawn point and look at the deaths that occur on the chat screen, if a person spawns with the same name of the person who died, then its your team, if no then its the other sides team. If you have a considerably higher number of deaths then you are on the wrong side. Furthermore, since it is a lot harder to obtain crystals as a huntian cult player, crystals are harder to obtain, which means Huntian cult players tend to buy their crystals from auction house since the quest are a lot harder to do. On the other side, if you want easy crystals, join the Wulin Alliance, their shear numbers means that you will never be attacked and all the veterans are stacked on that side anyway.