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PvP will be a choice option supported by a Flag system, which is manipulated by the use of Doboks.

By equipping a Dobok, a player goes into a PvP status known as "Flagged." Your character name changes to red as well as the names of other players wearing the Dobok of different factions. You will not be able to attack players whose names are not red, and when flagged you will be open to attack by any flagged players not in your faction.

PVP[edit | edit source]

Participate in 1v1 or 3v3 and win celestial beans to purchase PVP exclusive equipment. There are different outfit that you can wear to pvp other people not just faction outfit.

-Arena: You will need to use the Arena lobby in order to do arena pvp, once you get into the lobby you can choose whether you want to 1v1 or 3v3/6v6 ( 3v3 and 6v6 are only in Korean version at the momment)

 * Note that special potions (instant heal), talismans (removes any negative effect) with 3 minutes cs, which you can be used in the arena.
 * You will accumulate Beans for winning, which you can buy pots, costumes etc from the NPC near the big board in town.
 * You get a minimum of 10 beans for losing
 * Note: Arena is rank only

Korean BnS is currently testing different types of Game mode:

- 6v6

 * Capture points / Domination 

- 3v3

 * you will be doing regular 1v1.
 * Leader can swap the party member that is dueling during the match.

Faction PVP[edit | edit source]

  • Faction pvp is not equalized.
  • Upon killing dailies factions NPC / Players you will obtain points which are called Spirits shards (there will be a circle with a # next to the npc name), which than can be traded for faction level at designated NPC. How ever you will loose it when you die or change channel.
  • No handicap penalty
  • In order to do Faction PvP, you will need to either equip Wulin (Blue) or Red (Huntian) Outfit/Dobok.
  • Once you get to Misty Forest, there will be a daily quest that required you to kill 10 players of the opposite faction.