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(Work in progress, will add more later)

Bosses[edit | edit source]

There are various large mobs littering the world as well as inside dungeons.

There are a few traits that's common with bosses:

  • Much larger than other enemies
  • Most are shared and cannot be claimed/tagged by one person, with the exception of PvP bosses such as the Blackwyrm and the Terrors in Misty Woods which are claimed for your faction.
  • Significantly more powerful and tougher than regular enemies
  • Crowd Control Shields

Red Area of Effect Damage Indicator[edit | edit source]

Outside of expert mode, the bosses have two indicators that signal an incoming special attack. One is gold and while more damaging than regular attacks, it's not especially dangerous and can be blocked. The other is red and has the potential to be lethal in short order and cannot be blocked. Both can be invulnerability framed but note that some attacks hits for more than once and must be treated accordingly.

Crowd Control Shield[edit | edit source]

What's interesting about Blade and Soul bosses is that they're not completely immune to crowd control but are instead shielded from it. Below their HP bar, is their CC shield. This shield functions as described and protects the boss from crowd control attacks. To break the shield, two consecutive and similar type of crowd control must be applied in a very short window. For example, using a stun on a boss and then either you or another party member used another ability that also stuns, it will break the shield and cause the boss to be stunned. On the other hand, if you were to use a stun, and in the short window available, another party member were to use a knockdown, the shield gets reinforced and the boss will not get affected.

Joint Attacks[edit | edit source]

To help newer players and to simplify the concept, the game displays "Joint Attack" notices when someone initiates a cc attempt and picks an ability that's available, off cooldown, and is the same type of cc as the initial cc. Note that this notice window is not available in Expert Mode dungeons (4-man).

Crowd Control Types[edit | edit source]

Color CC Type Description
Red Daze Dazes an enemy in place. Allows for air combo.


Knocks down a standing enemy.
Blue Stun Stuns a standing enemy.
Yellow Knockback Knocks an enemy back for a certain distance.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Crowd control on a boss is extremely important and allows the party to gain additional DPS as well as stopping lethal attacks. The latter point is more important since the crowd control should be prioritized and saved for the lethal attacks, especially the red aoe.
  • Avoid knocking up a boss because the only melee player that's executing an air combo will be dealing damage. While the ranged classes can still hit an airborne target, there are many skills, and often more powerful ones, that will only hit a grounded target. Repeatedly knocking up a boss in a dungeon is the best way to become hated and have the party disband.
  • While there are no designated roles, some classes are more suited to tank or heal. Blade Masters and Kung Fu Masters are generally expected to tank due to their wide array of defensive options.