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Blade and Soul have many crafting professions, you can acquire crafting profession once you get to Nokmyeong village (Bamboo Village. There are many crafting professions, depending on what you want to craft Evolve stones, Keys, Gems etc you will need a certain combination of crafting professions. The crafting system in this game doesn't required you to run around to gather materials. You will only need to discover the materials the first time. Blade and soul crafting mechanic is automatic, you will only need to click on the recipe that you want and just wait. It can take up to 24 hrs to finish depending on what you're crafting.

The Professions are broken down into two Categories:[edit | edit source]

  • Pharmaceutical (Medicine) - Produces; Healing Potions and Antidote. Two types of potions: Heal instantly, but longer cooldown or Heal over time shorter cooldown.
  • Talisman - Produces; Town scrolls, Unsealing scrolls (which you need to identified your gear), and QingQong Materials.
  • Pottery - Provide materials such as; Pickaxe, Bottles, and refining materials.
  • Cooking - Produces; Foods (heal over time when out of combat), and can also craft QingQong item.
  • Bopae (Soul Shield) - Produces Bopae plate which you can use to fuse with main bopae to get extra stats. Can also make stone, for break through and evolve.
  • Blacksmith - Craft weapons and repair kits
  • Acessories/Gems - Produces exclusive accessories and also Gem box/bag that can sell for a lot of money.

  • Medicinal Guild - Pairs well with the Pottery and Talisman Crafting professions.
  • Harvesting - Pairs well with the Pottery and Culinary Crafting professions.
  • Lumber - Pairs well with the Soul Shield Research and Pottery Crafting professions.
  • Hunting - Pairs well with the Culinary and Soul Shield Research Crafting professions.
  • Fishing - Pairs well with the Talisman and Pharmaceutical Crafting professions.
  • Mining - Pairs well with the Goldsmith and Blacksmith Crafting professions.
  • Geology - Pairs well with the Blacksmith and Goldsmith Crafting professions.