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Destroyer icon.pngDestroyer
Hong character 9.png
3/5, Normal

The Destroyer is an axe-wielding melee class that specializes in powerful crowd controls, decent party support, and solid, consistent damage. Relentless and brutal, Destroyers are well known for their mobility and large variety of stuns, dazes, knockdowns, as well as their infamous ability to grapple and lift their opponents. As such, they are considered one of the primary frontline classes, always in the face of the enemy and ready to change the flow of battle. To say that the Destroyer's attack patterns lack elegance and complexity would be a complete misnomer; they hardly have a pattern to begin with. Instead, Destroyers favor a completely straightforward rule of combat: Constantly chop away at the enemy's health and look for opportunities to crowd control them. For this reason, one may find themselves interested in picking a Destroyer if they enjoy domination above all else. The Destroyer is limited to the Gon race only.

Although Destroyers are quick and easy to pick up, they require a great deal of dedication and patience (or money) in order to realize their full damage potential, due to some end-game, high-expense skill books. Early on, Destroyers enjoy the benefits of a simple "spin-to-win" ability that boosts their maneuverability and defense. Furthermore, if they feel like it, Destroyers may use a limited variety of defense, movement speed, and recovery buffs for their party and even literally carry a dying ally to safety. Therefore, Destroyers may choose to fulfill a support-DPS, off-tank, or full DPS role as they like.

Resource Mechanic[edit | edit source]

In the final release, Destroyers use the same Chi Bar system as other classes.

An empty Rage bar

Pre-release, Destroyers were intended use Rage to call forth their devastating abilities. When a Destroyer lands a simple attack, he/she will gain Rage. They will need a certain amount of Rage in order to call out the more devastating abilities. Once those abilities are used, they will consume the Rage. Unlike the Force Master's Inner Chi (Mana), the Rage bar starts at zero and increases as you attack. The Rage bar will also increase while taking direct damage.

Keep in mind that the name of this resource mechanic is an unofficial translation and may be named something completely different in the other regions' retail versions.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The following list is incomplete and is a WIP. Ability names are also unofficial translations of Blade & Soul's Chinese version; official translations may vary.

Skill Level Hotkey Cost Cooldown Requirements Skill tree
1 LMB N/A N/A None Yes
This is the standard quick combo for the Destroyer. This skill has 3 moves as you press the LMB. Its attacks regenerate the Destroyer's Chi (10%/10%/20%), so use it often.
1 RMB 30% Instant None Yes
Slam your weapon down on an enemy in front of you with an axe. With high damage and low "Rage" cost, this skill comes very useful in early stages of the game. After you Kick your enemy and hurl him to the floor, follow up with Destruction. The skill accelerates with each casting.
1 Tab 10% Instant none Yes
Destroyer swings the axe in a large circular motion multiple times, damaging all nearby mobs. The Destroyer can move around while using this attack for better positioning. Use this ability when fighting multiple mobs.
1 Z 10% 9 seconds none Yes
The Destroyer gets up-close to his current target and kicks him down, knocking him down for 2 seconds.
6 2 N/A 30 seconds none
The Destroyer rushes up to the enemy with a shoulder blow, stunning him for 2 seconds, while regenerating 10% Chi. If used on a knocked down enemy, the enemy will remain knocked-down for a longer period of time. Use this to close gaps and set up for combos.
6 F 10% 18 seconds Downed enemy Yes
The Destroyer rushes up to the enemy with a shoulder blow, stunning him for 2 seconds, while regenerating 10% Chi. If used on a knocked down enemy, the enemy will remain knocked-down for a longer period of time. Use this to close gaps and set up for combos.
Ground slam.png
Ground Slam
6 Z 10% Instant Grabbed an enemy Yes
Destroyer slams his/her enemy on the ground in front of him, dealing AOE damage and potentially sending enemies in the way sprawling to the ground.
Image replacer icon.png
6 LMB N/A Instant Grabbed an enemy or Using Iron Wall
The Destroyer smashes the enemy currently in his hand with his axe, while regenerating Chi. If in Iron Wall mode, the Destroyer stabs forward with the blunt end of his axe.
Fierce Wind
6 Tab 20% Instant Grabbed an enemy
Using the enemy he Grabbed, the Destroyer swings him around in a circular motion, hitting all enemies around him. The Destroyer is able to move while using this attack.
11 1 N/A 18 seconds None Yes
The Destroyer jumps towards his target, slamming down with a shockwave that stuns all enemies around him for 2 seconds, while regenerating 10% Chi. This attack has the longest range out of the Destroyer's abilities and is thus the Destroyer's main method of closing in.
Image replacer icon.png
11 1 N/A Instant Grabbed an enemy Yes
The Destroyer head-butts the enemy in his head, dealing a high amount of damage and removing Suppression effects on himself.
Image replacer icon.png
15 2 N/A 12 seconds When knocked down
The knock-downed Destroyer retaliates against the target within 8 metres of him. If the counter is successful, the enemy is knocked-down for 3 seconds while being dealt minor damage.
Image replacer icon.png
Uprising Gale
15 Tab N/A 36 seconds When knocked down or paralyzed
The Destroyer lifts himself back up into a Gale attack, immune to damage and status effects while having his movement speed increased, dealing damage to those around him. Note the long cooldown time.
Image replacer icon.png
Uprising Gale (short)
15 1 N/A 12 seconds When knocked down
The Destroyer lifts himself back up into a Gale attack, but if he is attacked in the middle of casting, he will remain knocked-down for an additional second. Not to be mistaken with the normal Uprising Gale: they may look the same, but this version is vulnerable, deals less damage and lacks the immunities and speed buff in exchange for a much lower cooldown.
Shield block.png
Iron Wall
16 V N/A N/A N/A
Destroyer summons a bone shield from his body which allows him/her to block enemy attacks from the front, while restoring 20% health over 4 seconds.
Image replacer icon.png
Leg Stomp
19 3 20% 45 seconds N/A Yes
The Destroyer slams his foot into the ground, turning the area around him into a fiery field. The ability deals initial damage, but the field deals even more damage to enemies within it over a period of 8 seconds. Useful to dealing with surrounding melee mobs.

Media[edit | edit source]

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

The following screenshots were taken from the character creation screen at NA launch in 2016.

Videos[edit | edit source]

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