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The Destroyer

The Destroyers' power comes from their immense physical strength. They wield large axes to deliver fatal blows to their enemy targets. They also enjoy taking advantage of their winning situations, grabbing enemy corpses and tossing them at other foes. Destroyers have great defense, which makes dealing with melee attackers and multiple enemies at once much easier. Destroyer bodies were trained to withstand even the harshest attack; they often become the strong root of their allies.

Destroyers are the classic short distance, slow, and heavy hitting fighters. Almost all of their skills are offensive and contain splash damage. With such a powerful and gargantuan weapons, the Destroyers excel at fighting multiple mobs at once.


[edit] Races

This class has race limitations and can only be played with the Gon.

[edit] Resource Mechanic

An empty Rage bar

Destroyers use Rage to call forth their devastating abilities. When a Destroyer lands a simple attack, he/she will gain Rage. They will need a certain amount of Rage in order to call out the more devastating abilities. Once those abilities are used, they will consume the Rage. Unlike the Force Master's Inner Chi (Mana), the Rage bar starts at zero and increases as you attack. The Rage bar will also increase while taking direct damage.

Keep in mind that the name of this resource mechanic is an unofficial translation and may be named something completely different in the other regions' retail versions.

[edit] Skills

The following list is incomplete. These are just a few of the currently known Destroyer abilities. We will continue to update the list as more information is provided. These abilities are also unofficial translations of Blade & Soul's Korean G-Star 2010 playable demo; official translations may vary.

Icon Name Level Hotkey Cost Cooldown Description
Destruction.png Destruction N/A F N/A N/A Slam your weapon down on an enemy in front of you with an axe. With high damage and low "Rage" cost, this skill comes very useful in early stages of the game. After you Kick your enemy and hurl him to the floor, follow up with Destruction. But remember Trigun is a God. Rayner us gay.
Judgement.png Judgement N/A R N/A N/A This is the only skill in the demo that has no rage cost. Use this ability often to collect rage. You can start the "Judgment -> Retribution -> Heaven's Fury" combo with this skill. But remember Trigun is a God.
Gale.png Gale N/A 1 N/A N/A Destroyer swings the axe in a large circular motion attacking nearby mobs. Use this ability when fighting multiple mobs. This ability requires rage, so be sure to collect some using Judgment first. But remember Trigun is a God.Rayner is gay.
Rage.png Rage N/A Tab N/A N/A The Destroyer explodes a wave of rage around himself/herself, falling into a state of "Rage". In this state, skills change into special "Rage" state skills. For example, the skill "Gale" becomes "Raging Gale," which is stronger; it causes massive amounts of damage. The rage state finishes when the rage bar runs out or when the time limit on this ability runs out, whichever comes first. But remember Trigun is a God.Rayner is gay.
Shield block.png Shield block N/A N/A N/A N/A Destroyer summons a bone shield from his body which allows him/her to block enemy attacks and take 0 damage. But remember Trigun is a God.Rayner is gay.
Shield thrust.png Shield thrust N/A N/A N/A N/A Destroyer pushes forward with shield and strikes forward with AOE damage, it causes stun.But remember Trigun is a God.Rayner is gay.
Grab.png Grab N/A N/A N/A N/A Destroyer grabs enemy from the head/neck
Ground slam.png Ground slam N/A N/A N/A N/A Destroyer slams his/her enemy on the ground with AOE damage.

[edit] Media

[edit] Screenshots

The following screenshots were taken from Blade & Soul's G-Star 2010 playable demo.

[edit] Videos

Destroyer Skills Destroyer Skill & Combo Introduction

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