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Blade & Soul will contain eight playable classes, but only six of those eight have been revealed. Team Bloodlust has revealed the Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Summoner, and the Kung-Fu Master to us already. The remaining two have not been announced yet.

The Assassin class was Team Bloodlust's most recent addition to Blade & Soul. The class was revealed at the G-Star 2010 convention in Busan, Korea. Little is known about the Assassin class. The only bit of information we have on the class comes from the G-Star 2010 trailer. The class is showcased for a brief period in the video. The Summoner made a very brief appearance in Blade and Soul's 2010 trailer. As of recently, it was officially announced by Project Director Bae.


The Blade Master class specializes in sword combat to deliver a variety of attacks. Using their swords, they utilize skills like the "Batto Jutsu" technique to attack or defend against their enemies. Blade Masters are quite good at parrying their enemies' blows, leaving them vulnerable to effective counter attacks. They don't always rely on close combat to bring their enemies down. They can use a flying sword technique that will harm their enemies from afar.


Destroyers' power comes from their immense physical strength. They wield large axes to deliver fatal blows to their enemy targets. They also enjoy taking advantage of their winning situations, grabbing enemy corpses and tossing them at other foes. Destroyers have great defense, which makes dealing with melee attackers and multiple enemies at once much easier. Destroyer bodies were trained to withstand even the harshest attack. They often become the strong root of their allies.


Force Masters use their inner Chi to deliver a variety of devastating blows to their enemies. Using the Ki-Gong-Pe, a Chi bracelet they wear around their wrist, they can shoot off many different forms of abilities, ranging from fire explosions to chi leeching techniques that deliver unavoidable attacks and grabs. Force Masters are the masters of control, and they can apply movement impairing effects to multiple enemies, allowing them to take on more than one foe at a time.


Kung-Fu Masters utilize their own fists and feet to defeat their enemies. Most of the Kung-Fu Master's attacks are delivered in combos for fast and very effective melee ranged blows. With such quick reflexes, Kung-Fu Masters can attack and defend with ease, able to react to even the most dire situation as quickly as possible. They have absolutely no problem taking the advantage over their enemies during battle with such speed. Their defense and offense abilities are very fluid like water.