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The Bo-Pae system consists of eight interchangeable stat item slots. The slots can be found in a pie like structure located in the center of your characters profile tab. Each of the eight pieces contain basic stats for your characters: health, attack power, defense, and the like.[1]

Each Bo-Pae piece belongs in a set. Collecting and equipping every piece in a set will unlock further stats and even cause a physical appearance change on your character, making him or her glow. Glowing effects vary depending on the rarity of the Bo-Pae set. Here's an example on how the set bonuses work: each set contains roughly three stat bonuses. Collect and equip three pieces in a set to unlock the first, collect five to unlock the second, and collect all eight to unlock the final bonus. This leaves room to mismatch sets if you feel the eight piece bonus isn't worth it. For instance, you can collect five pieces of one set and three of another.[1]

Item Breakdown & Bo-Pae Modification[edit]

Translated Bo-Pae Modification Window

The item breakdown feature in Blade & Soul is used in combination with the Bo-Pae system to obtain further benefits. Throughout the game, you'll find yourself collecting many Bo-Pae and weapon pieces that you might not necessarily want to use, either because they are lower level or not the stats you are looking for. Instead of just throwing them away or selling them, you can break down these not so useful pieces. By breaking them down, you turn them into dust. You then use this dust in conjunction with more useful Bo-Pae pieces to further enhance the stats of your current Bo-Pae piece. Through this method of enchantment, you can take full potential of the Bo-Pae system to customize your character in any direction you choose.[1]


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