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The Assassin

The Assassin class makes up the fifth spot in the line up of revealed Blade & Soul classes. As its name implies, the Assassins excel at deception and lethal combat. Their weapon of choice is the short sword or dagger, but a true assassin is never without an arsenal. Armed with a multitude of explosives and traps, these precise and agile fighters can either kill quickly or escape a dire situation. The Assassin also masters the element of surprise, immediately taking control of a battle before the opponent even knows it had begun by deftly slipping in and out of the shadows. However, Assassins do not simply ignore their allies. Skills drenched in the art of subterfuge allow an Assassin to protect as well as destroy.


[edit] Races

The elusive Assassin class is restricted to the Jin race.

[edit] Resource Mechanic

Fighting Spirit points

Assassins use a resource mechanic basically identical to the Blase Masters/Kung Fu Master. A point is added to the Assassins "Chi" every time a basic combo or move is used. The "points" basically take the form of one of the empty globes: whenever you gain a point, it turns blue, like it is full of mana/chi. Assassins "Chi" goes up very quickly because of their fast basic combo attack speed. Chi is used to activate skills—the more powerful and complicated the move, the more chi points are used.

[edit] Skills

Numbers and effects should be up to date as of November 12, 2013[1]. Skill names are not translated.

Name Level Hotkey Cost Range Cast Time Cooldown Base Damage Description
 ?? 迷雾斩 = Mist (Fog) Slash 1 LB 0 3m


Instant Instant  ?-? Skill Description: Slashes single target. Recover 1 energy orb for first 2 hits and 2 energy orbs for 3rd hit..

Cast Condition: None

 ?? 昆仑震 = Kunlun Step  ? LB 0 3m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Step on a target. Recover 2 energy orbs.

Cast Condition: Knocked down enemy

 ?? 燕飞腿 = Swallow Kick  ? LB 1 3m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Attack target on air twice.

Cast Condition: Floating enemy

 ?? 里莲华 = Air Dive  ? LB 3  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Catches a target on air and dive to ground, dealing massive damage.

Cast Condition: Floating enemy

 ?? 背刺 = Back Stab  ? LB 3  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Stab from behind and stun your target for 2 seconds.

Cast Condition: Stealth

 ?? 刺心 = Heart Thrust  ? RB 3  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: 1 second cast time while out of stealth mode. Cast instantly while in stealth mode.

Cast Condition: None

 ?? 空手入白刃 = Stopping Weapons With Bare Hands!  ? RB 0  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Stun your target for 2 seconds and perform a back flip afterward. Target attacked by this skill cannot cast blocking skills for next 6 seconds.

Cast Condition: Enemy under block / counter attack stance

 ?? 影袭 = Shadow Strike  ? RB 0  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Move to the back of your target and remain invisible for 6 seconds. Recover 4 energy orbs.

Cast Condition: Sprinting / gliding on air (Right click to go to the back of your target)

 ?? 缠丝术 = Web  ? RB 0  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Bind your target for 4 seconds. Any form of attack on your target will remove the web binding.

Cast Condition: Floating OR knocked down enemy

 ?? 银丝术 = Silver String  ? RB 0 5m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Bind your target's movement for 3 seconds from a distance.

Cast Condition: Stunned OR weakened enemy.

 ?? 影踏术 = Shadow Step  ? F 0  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Level Shuriken to Tier 2 Level 2 to learn this skill.

Skill Description: Move behind a target with 'Shadow Bind' debuff and weaken him for 2 seconds. Cast Condition: Shadow Bound enemy

 ?? 木叶闪现 = Konoha Senpuu!  ? F 0  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Move behind a target and weaken him for 3 seconds.

Cast Condition: After dodging an attack OR casting Back Tumbling (Double tap 'S')

 ?? 后翻滚 = Back Flip  ? F 0  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Recover from knocked down, weakened or paralyzed.

Cast Condition: Knocked down, weakened or paralyzed

 ?? 绞喉 = Neck Snap  ? F 1  ?m


 ?  ?  ?-? Skill Description: Snap a stunned target's neck and absorb 10% damage dealt as HP.

Cast Condition: Stunned enemy

  • The Assassin class appears to have stealth capabilities. It is unknown how long this state of stealth will last, if not permanent until canceled manually or through the use of other spells.
  • The Assassin class also seems to know their way around bombs, utilizing flash bombs to sneak away quickly or destruction bombs to blow their enemies up into the sky!
  • Assassins are very deceptive and tricky. They can easily disorient their opponents, leaving them dazed and confused. For example, you can see the Assassin at one point in the trailer quickly vanish, leaving a decoy behind in his/her place and stunning the enemy with said decoy. He/she then proceeds to surprise the enemy from behind by using what seemed to be a cut throat ability.
  • Assassins seem to have an AoE (Area of Effect) type of ability where they rain numerous shuriken down on selected position

[edit] Media

[edit] Screenshots

The following screenshots were taken from Blade & Soul's G-Star 2010 trailer.

[edit] Videos

The Assassin class is shown at approximately 1 minute and 57 seconds into the following video.

  • The Blast skill is shown being cast at approximately 2 minutes 18 seconds into the following video (the explosion, not the invisible affect).
G-Star 2010 Trailer Assassin Gameplay and Piledriving

[edit] Trivia

  • The Dodge skill shares similar qualities (both visually and in use) as a Displacement use moved in the Japanese Manga/Anime, Naruto (They get away with it because this ability is commonly associated with ninjas, but the animation is too similar to ignore).
  • Assassin and Blade Master share a few skills that are similar.

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