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The Assassin

The Assassin class makes up the fifth spot in the line up of revealed Blade & Soul classes. As its name implies, the Assassins excel at deception and lethal combat. Their weapon of choice is the short sword or dagger, but a true assassin is never without an arsenal. Armed with a multitude of explosives and traps, these precise and agile fighters can either kill quickly or escape a dire situation. The Assassin also masters the element of surprise, immediately taking control of a battle before the opponent even knows it had begun by deftly slipping in and out of the shadows. However, Assassins do not simply ignore their allies. Skills drenched in the art of subterfuge allow an Assassin to protect as well as destroy.


[edit] Races

The elusive Assassin class is restricted to the Jin race.

[edit] Resource Mechanic

Fighting Spirit points

Assassins use a resource mechanic basically identical to the Blase Masters/Kung Fu Master. A point is added to the Assassins "Chi" every time a basic combo or move is used. The "points" basically take the form of one of the empty globes: whenever you gain a point, it turns blue, like it is full of mana/chi. Assassins "Chi" goes up very quickly because of their fast basic combo attack speed. Chi is used to activate skills—the more powerful and complicated the move, the more chi points are used.

[edit] Skills

The following skill descriptions are based on what we have seen in the G-Star 2010 trailer. These abilities have no names, and the mechanics on how they work exactly are unknown.

  • The Assassin class appears to have stealth capabilities. It is unknown how long this state of stealth will last, if not permanent until canceled manually or through the use of other spells.
  • The Assassin class also seems to know their way around bombs, utilizing flash bombs to sneak away quickly or destruction bombs to blow their enemies up into the sky!
  • Assassins are very deceptive and tricky. They can easily disorient their opponents, leaving them dazed and confused. For example, you can see the Assassin at one point in the trailer quickly vanish, leaving a decoy behind in his/her place and stunning the enemy with said decoy. He/she then proceeds to surprise the enemy from behind by using what seemed to be a cut throat ability.
  • Assassins seem to have an AoE (Area of Effect) type of ability where they rain numerous shuriken down on selected position

Names may be incorrect...

[edit] Known Skills

  • Set Mine: Press Z: You set an mine down on the ground, with a circular blast range. Will hit all targets in the blast range. Has a one second cool down.
  • Blast: Press Z after Set Mine: Can be activated from far distances away (as well as adjacent—will not deal damage to you). The explosion deals a fairly substantial amount of base damage, and will knock enemies into the air, and then onto the ground for a few seconds, defenseless (you will be able to kick them, dealing extra damage), and unable to attack you until they recover. Has a 14 second cool down. Can set down only one mine at a time.
  • {Kick/fallen down attack}: Repeatedly press R: When enemy is on the ground (most commonly from blast), you can rapidly attack them, which will perform a kick animation and deal for extra damage.
  • Bloody Thrust/? Does pretty high damage(slightly higher than the mine, but lacks any knockdown or AOE abilities). Has similar qualities to Blade Masters stab ability, and takes about a second to cast. Takes 4 mana balls to cast.
  • Invisible Sprint: When a target's back is facing you, and your are 6~16m away from them, press 1 to activate this: will sprint directly to target, invisible and crouching.
  • Spine Stab: Right after invisible sprint, you can perform spine stab by pressing R or left clicking. (is basically a sneak attack) Does Average damage and takes you out of the stealth mode. Stuns opponent for 3 seconds. Takes three mana balls to use.
  • Heart Stab: (RMB) Requires steatlth. Does a very large amount of damage and takes you out of the stealth mode.
  • Shuriken: (X) Ranged attack (max 16m) with low damage
  • Dodge/? (2) Works similarly to blade Master's parry, but lasts much less than 3 seconds (probably about one), so needs pretty good timing. Has a short cooldown of five seconds. It varies much differently than parry as well, because instead of blocking all attacks, this ability will cause your character to evade an attack from the enemey, and will teleport you, facing the enemies back, as if you had just used Invisible sprint (you will be in invisible crouch mode) and you will be able to use Spine Stab. Very useful, especially if you can perfect the timing. 6s cooldown.
  • Double Stab: (3) Strikes opponent twice. No casting time, strikes are immediate and very quick. Each stab can crit separately. High damage. 24s cooldown.

[edit] Basic Attacks:

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  • Hit One: Fog Slash: 0-3m range, {base damage smallest}, hold left click, hold R on your keyboard.
  • Hit Two: Slash: 0-3m range, {base damage medium}, hold left click, hold R on your keyboard.
  • Hit Three: Moon Slash: 0-3m range, (base damage highest), hold left click, hold R on your keyboard. jumps into air and twists: Can jump during the attack to slightly raise the character. Has no real purpose at the moment, other than just for fun.

[edit] Media

[edit] Screenshots

The following screenshots were taken from Blade & Soul's G-Star 2010 trailer.

[edit] Videos

The Assassin class is shown at approximately 1 minute and 57 seconds into the following video.

  • The Blast skill is shown being cast at approximately 2 minutes 18 seconds into the following video (the explosion, not the invisible affect).
G-Star 2010 Trailer Assassin Gameplay and Piledriving

[edit] Trivia

  • The Dodge skill shares similar qualities (both visually and in use) as a Displacement use moved in the Japanese Manga/Anime, Naruto (They get away with it because this ability is commonly associated with ninjas, but the animation is too similar to ignore).
  • Assassin and Blade Master share a few skills that are similar.

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